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Summer time!

It’s Summer and it’s all about family gatherings… weddings… big birthday celebrations!!  New York Cake Co. is busy with all three!!

For a summer family gathering….  Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Happy Birthday to a Mets fan that is fighting cancer…  Chocolate & Vanilla Cake layered with a Peanut Butter Filling

Wedding cakes to follow soon!

Welcome Baby!

This is yet another “first” in life for me…. first time to ever make a Baby Shower cake.  What fun!  Thanks to Mark-Anthony and Atelliah for having me to their shower.

Something as simple as cake announced an important message… the baby’s name – Welcome Baby Donovan!! Though surprising I was really happy that the cake gave away the secret!

The block on top spelled out B-A-B-Y.  The father was very clear to tell me “no pink, use red”.  I was a little leery  about using red as I thought it didn’t fit into the color scheme.  I feared it would stand out and take away from the softness that comes with a baby.  If the client makes a request it, I go with it… in the end I was happy as the red gave a great balance and didn’t stand out as much as I thought it would.  I should have remembered… the client is always right!!

Welcome to Baby Donovan and I look forward to welcoming many more babies!

It’s Summer… let’s celebrate… with cake!!

After such a long and harsh winter… SUMMER is finally here!!  At New York Cake Co.  the cakes are taking on that summer look with lighter and brighter colors.

Recently I created a Ginger Buttercream that gives a good kick to the rather ordinary Vanilla cake!!  And for a little more interest… I discovered that ginger goes well with peaches!!  So here we have a vanilla cake with peach fruit filling layered with Ginger Buttercream.  The perfect flavors for a summer evening celebrating your friends birthday…

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