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Sweet MAC Attack

She’s turning 18 and is a make up queen, a MAC make up queen to be exact! You’ve probably guessed it… a MAC inspired cake is on order. She likes to play with make up and I like to play with sugar – in any form. For this cake I used a mix of fondant and gumpaste. After several hours here’s what my sugar play created. Happy Birthday Tayler!

MAC make up cake

MAC make up cake


Silver and Gold, Good Enough To Win & Eat

Who doesn’t love the beautiful sparkle of gold and silver?  Though they are just metals, they are rather precious ones and make all things beautiful.

They are also no strangers to the world of food either.  Did you know, when pressed thin enough gold leaf, can be eaten too!  Well, for years silver and gold leaf have been used to decorate confectionery.  Now gold and silver leaf are applied to wedding cakes!  The effect is stunning and worth gracing any wedding table, in my opinion.

It’s been a while since any specials have run on the New York Cake Co. facebook page. So read below for your FREE giveaway!

For one fortunate couple I will create either or silver or gold leaf 6″ cake to share with your friends.  Just share your story of how you got engaged, when you got engaged and how the proposal went down.  The stories will be shared on the facebook page and the story with the most likes and comments wins!  Please email you stories and one photograph to

Looking forward to hearing and sharing your story.  🙂

Gold and Cream  Luxe cake

























Silver and Pink with lace and crystals

New York Cake Co. meets Scotland – Part II

The Idea

When my friend Kristhessa asked me to do her wedding cupcakes and be a bridesmaid for her Scottish wedding I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t know how it was going to get done, but I just said “Yes”.  I had so many questions “Do I ship the ingredients there?”  “How can I work outside of my kitchen, where everything is just where it should be.”  “Will they taste the same using Scottish ingredients” – were just a few.  Well after talking with Kristhessa and thinking it all over.  The best decision was to buy the ingredients there when I arrived and then bake.  I have confidence all will be fine.

Connecting and planning

The Groom’s sister, Debbie,  contacted me while I was still in NY and she asked for me an ingredients list with quantities – that was a good beginning.  I arrived on Saturday and the wedding was Tuesday… How it this going to get done with all the other 1 million things to do?  On Sunday after the rehearsal I went the grocery store with the groom’s other sister, Gail, and there we purchased quite a £’s worth of ingredients.

Now I have 1 day to get it all done.  After having a grand time meeting friends on Sunday I came back to the house where I was staying and began preparing batters.  I was up with the groom’s mother and another friend from New York to 5:30AM.  I felt great as I saw things were moving along.


Wedding cupcakes in Scotland



the fun has truly begun



faking to be seriously concentrating 🙂


Getting the Job done.

It’s Monday morning, the wedding is tomorrow and I have all the baking, decorating and one more flavor of frosting to make.  Well I began baking and all went well.  Then took a little break and then decorated.  That also went well but the hardest part was keeping folk away using the very original excuse of “that one doesn’t look good, I’ll eat it”… yeah yeah I’ve heard that a million times.  Probably baked about 170 cupcakes total.  Some Red Velvet and some Chocolate.  Then the challenge of transporting them was an interesting task.  Thank goodness I had great gents that helped figure it all out and finally how we could transport them in large crates.  I was fortunate that one of the friends coming over worked in the food industry and had all these crates I could use.  They are all packaged up in the car ready to be taken to the venue.

The top cake… CRASH!

Last step… I was finishing the 8″ cake that would be a fruit cake covered and filled with Cream Cheese frosting which would be the topper for the cupcake stand.  This topper would be the crowning beauty with fresh orchids coming down the side.  Two friends and I were driving with a local bringing the top cake and some other things to the venue where the ceremony would be help.  The main bulk of the 160 cupcakes were in another vehicle.  Well on our way there we got into a car accident (we are all fine) and that pretty topper cake was destroyed.  😦  So someone quickly bought a cake and we went with that instead.


the "topper" cake still on the side of the road 2 days later 🙂 You just have to laugh! 🙂


Finally DONE!!  🙂

All that being said the 154 cupcakes that were in the other car, weren’t destroyed and were a complete hit at the wedding.  Some Scots haven’t even heard of Red Velvet.  If asked again, I would do it all over again (everything but the car crash) What gave me the most joy was that the Bride and Groom were completely pleased and they are the ones who must be pleased. 🙂


the bride makes her choice



Her and an ecstatic best man



cudos to the Maid of Honor who did a great job decorating the stand

Mr. & Mrs. Ross


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