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A Perfect Cake for a Student Nurse

Some time ago I made a cake for a student that was becoming a doctor.  The cake received so much attention on social media, it was no surprise that a request came through for a similar cake with a nurses spin.

Ok… but what tools are different between a doctor and a nurse?  Oh my goodness, the crazy things cake decorators have to think about!  Of course, I know how different their roles are as professionals.  But I had to take a second thought as to what I would create that upon the first sight the cake quietly screamed: Nurse, Nurse, Nurse!!

After a little more thinking, I realized it was their medical tools differed most.  In general on a visit to the doctor, it’s the doctor that does the initial exam.  Then he/she diagnose (or try to!) you.  After that diagnosis they give the orders to the nurse.  Then it’s the nurse who actually carries out the orders.  As for the doctor he’s on to the next patient in Room 2.  Well, this is the way my head imagined it.  It’s the nurse who bandages up the wounds,  injects your arm, and say’s “you’ll be fine!” before walking out the room and leaving you to re-dress.

For this cake, the books were added because Shannon is still studying.  Her mom squeaked the secret that Shannon is also an avid tea drinker.  Hopefully, I covered all the elements to make it a memorable 21st birthday.  🙂

Nurse themed cake

Nurse / Syringe / Cake      Studying Nurse Cake

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