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Happy 60th Salty!

Peter Brine is a beloved son, an amazing husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, once the owner of Townsville’s prestigious Salt Cellar restaurant, a wine sommelier, the owner of A Touch Of Salt, a player for England’s Middlesbrough football club, my friend and most recently the birthday boy that turned 60!


When the request came through for his 60th birthday cake it was to be carrot cake, not covered with fondant but included a football theme. I started a little research to get the full idea of how the football theme should be incorporated. To me he is one of the many great personalities behind the Salt Cellar and A Touch of Salt restaurants. But, quickly I learned his life involved much more than owning these two top-notch restaurants. The internet was littered with stories and pictures about his successful football career in the late 60’s and 70’s for the Middlesbrough team in England, where his teammates dubbed him “Salty”. There was so much I didn’t know about this wonderful gent whom I call friend.


It was tempting to just showcase his football career the cake, but in his 60 years there is a lot more to his life than football. He’s from England, when did he come to Australia? When did his beautiful wife, Christine, come into his picture? After thinking about these questions I decided to create a little story with a few of life’s highlights that make the Mr. Peter Brine that we know today! In 1953 Mr and Mrs Brine welcomed him into the world, he married to beautiful Chris in 1974, had the boys in ’76 and ’79 and then farewelled England and called Australia home in 1980.




Discovering Pete’s successful football career was a wonderful surprise. What would others be surprised to hear about you?


What’s Beautiful & Blue? Blueberry Cupcakes!

I love blueberries, but in Oz they aren’t found year round ¬†ūüė¶ ¬† It’s been taking a long time getting used to the fact that everything isn’t available all the time… I’m a New Yorker where EVERYTHING is ALWAYS available!

Well I’ve recently been seeing something new at the local supermarket – Fresh Blueberries!! ¬†Wow wee!! It’s Blueberry Cupcake time. ¬†There are many frostings that Blueberry Cupcakes can be paired with but something about the tang of my Cream Cheese Frosting was just the perfect topping for this fruity cupcake. ¬†For one of the local cafes these were their Flavor of the Day cupcakes… ¬†ūüôā

About the Cake: Blueberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


Anything Hawaii, beach and frangipanis was the call for this one.  Miss Letticia loves frangipanis, the pink ones to be exact!  This number was made to celebrate her 21st at the chic JAM Corner.  The main cake gave the Hawaii/beach theme while the mini cupcakes supported it.

About the Main cake:  Chocolate layered with Vanilla buttercream. Fondant & Gumpaste decorations


About the Cupcakes:  Chocolate were topped with starfish; Vanilla were topped with pineapples and Red Velvet were topped with frangipanis

The client comments: ¬†Dear Theresa, you are a miracle worker. ¬†It looked too good to cut. ¬†We couldn’t have wanted anything different. ¬†Thanks! ¬†All our best wishes – Maxine.

Christmas at New York Cake Co.

Merry Christmas!

It was only two weeks ago but feels like a month ago. ¬†Already the plans for February are being made. ¬†At the time though I felt like an elf… every where I turned there were orders! ¬†Cupcakes, cakes, Christmas pudding… all made with a whole lot of love and Christmas joy! ¬†To keep it simple… I’ll let the pictures and descriptions do the talking!!

Christmas Joy in a box! - Vanilla, Chocolate & Red Velvet

Chocolate cake layered with Chocolate buttercream topped with Francois Payard's Chocolate Glaze (see Recipe page)

Very Vanilla - vanilla cake & buttercream

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting

Full of spices and spirits with sweet caramel make this a Christmas delight!


Strawberry Fields… the Beatles

When Lucy told me she had a Strawberry Fields theme for her 21st birthday, I immediately thought of peace signs (like we have in Central Park NYC) but what she had in mind was so unique. ¬†She wanted a little strawberry on top of each cupcake! While sipping beautiful Moscato these little fondant strawberries were made – what’s better than berries and vino?!

About the Cake: Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Vanilla cake & buttercream

Very Vanilla

Red Velvet

Babies Sweet “Ride”

It’s a Girl!! ¬†Congratulations to the new Mom Dumebi!!

She’s welcomed in with her own sweet “ride”. ¬†In the center is a rattle and the hood is gumpaste made a few days prior. ¬†Again the crowds favorite – Red Velvet Cake filled and covered with Cream Cheese Frosting.


her sweet ride!

farewell to the President…

From June 2006 until Sept. 2010 I worked with¬†Eppendorf, a German-based bio tech company. ¬†While there I was fortunate enough to work under a great President, H. Joseph Crowley. ¬†He always had a charm and professionalism that I hope to carry on when I preside over my own companies. ¬†He was never too busy to have small chat about ‘life’. ¬†What marked him were his powerful contributions making Eppendorf North America a financially solid.

Recently he announced that he was resigning Eppendorf.  It was an honor to be chosen to create his farewell cake.  Three days before I left America to move to Australia I visited Eppendorf in Hauppauge, Long Island.  This may very well be my last visit there but surely a memorable one.

Joe Crowley Farewell Cake


To the President of Eppendorf North America… “Auf Wiedersehen” (goodbye in German)

This was a Red Velvet Cake with filled Cream Cheese Frosting. ¬†Fondant and Cream Cheese Frosting covering. ¬†The regal Blue and White remain the company’s colors.

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