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New York Cake Co. goes to Australia

February 23, 2011 I flew for about 25 hours (3 flights!) and arrived in Townsville, Australia.  Townsville is in Queensland – where it’s warm, tropical, full of beaches and palm trees.  A great place to come to after all those months of snow in New York.

Why am I here?  Well only the Lord really knows.  I hope to find some opportunities for New York Cake Co.  I’ve been meeting some great people, slowly it seems that I’m gaining ground here.  Legally there are a lot of things that have to be put into place, the one nuisance of doing business in the food industry.

A very special “thank  you” to each and every New Yorker and American that loyally supported the company.  “Thank You” to the American customers who are still requesting my services for either their wedding or shower or any special occasion that needs cake!  Thanks for following my creations and being a part of my journey.  It was your support that gave the company an online presence – each and every order and client experience prepared my coming here and for that I “Thank YOU”!

The blog posts will continue to keep you updated. I may return to New York and of course you will be the first to know.  Thanks for following my creations and being a part of the journey.

~Keep It Sweet

last cake made in NY - for one of my farewell dinners!

Merry Christmas

Chocolate Cake with Peppermint Buttercream

Merry Christmas


New York Cake Co.

To all of my supporters… Thank You!

Holiday sweetness - Red Velvet with Chocolate Buttercream; Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream; and Chocolate with Peppermint Buttercream

New York Cake Co. meets Scotland

It’s 3:25AM on Friday morning in Glasgow, Scotland.  Though I’ve been running like crazy but I’m not tired, don’t know why not…. and here I am blogging!

When I get back to the States I will definitely share more about the impact New York Cake Co. had on Scotland.  But just to keep you in the loop.  For a wedding in Scotland I was asked to be the bridesmaid and the wedding cake creator.  Well it was quite a task but it got done… details to follow.  Here are pics creating the cupcakes and then the finished deal at the wedding.

To Kristhessa, the bride and Stevie Boy, the Groom…. I love you…. you have yet changed New York Cake Co. forever!

the beginning... cupcakes in Scotland

my new pal Tim!!

the beautiful bride of New Jersey in Scotland

the end results


Creation of Wedding Cake #1

Photos: 16″ vanilla, the other 3 – 12″, 10″, 8″, 10 pounds of fondant ready for tinting cream, Abraham ready to deliver!

So… this is the first wedding cake I’ve created.  In April I made one small cake with 90 cupcakes for a wedding but this is different as it is a tiered wedding cake.

Ok… on to the planning and creating!  Being this was my first time I did a few tiered cakes as practice to ensure proper structure and support – didn’t want the cakes to topple after spending so much time making them. I ordered all my supplies and thought and thought and thought  –  after all my thinking I thought I had everything that I would need. I was so blessed to find some supplies that I thought I didn’t have – less that I had to order.

There were said to be 150 guests and I was determined that they wouldn’t run out of cake so I did a 16″, 12″ 10″ and 8″.  I have never done a 16 or 12″ before and just looking at the pans I was SCARED, they just seemed enormous.  How was I going to handle them and not drop the cakes?!  As we all know.. when you face the mountain or a giant situation in life head-on it shrinks. This is what happened after I baked that mega 16″ cake – the size was no longer intimidating and it seemed to shrink – I was no longer scared.

Flavors: this bride was so easy; I was really blessed.  The 16″ and 10″ were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the 12″ and 8″ were Chocolate with a chocolate/coffee buttercream. Colors: Cream and clover green Decor: hydrangeas.

Everything was finished last night.  Had my tool box of accessories packed up by the door – I was ready!

This morning I got up with zeal – the weather was 74 degrees and absolutely beautiful.  I packed up Abraham (my Cooper clubman) and headed into NYC.  Got to the restaurant, Terrazza Toscana on 50th & 9th Avenue at 9:15 and it was locked.  Ohhhhh nooooo!   Found the door to the kitchen and gave it a knock… someone came and let me in to set up…. Phew…  By 10:00 I was done!!  WOW, a mission accomplished!!  Thanks to GOD!

Satiny Smooth Chocolate Glaze

a Martha Stewart Demo

my attempt

I always love the look of the cake that is so smooth, perfectly covered with a satiny Chocolate Glaze.  It’s so shiny it’s like a mirror!!

A few years ago I attempted it and what a disaster!  Though it was a disaster, I would browse at fine bakeries and see that satin glaze and I kept saying to myself  “one of these days I’m going to do that glaze and the cake will be just perfect” Ha ha ha!!  Today was that day…

I like to learn from the best, so I pulled out a book by Francois Payard (keep reading this blog and you are soon to learn a lot about Chef Payard) and sure enough on Page 36 he had a Chocolate Glaze recipe.  “Ok… Ok… I’m going to do it and it is going to come out just perfect“.  I frosted and filled the velvety Chocolate cake with Chocolate/Coffee Buttercream then to the freezer it went.  I let it sit in the freezer for about 2 hours… Now the fun begins.

I made the glaze and did a test on the cake.  It came out alright.  I…think…I’m ready.  I began pouring and it looked so beautiful.  Then it didn’t flow down the cake like it should have so I smoothened it out a bit, then spatula marks were all over it and it wasn’t that perfectly smooth.  Well…. a challenge well taken… the results were not perfect but pretty close.  What I learned… the glaze needs to be a little warmer so it will flow when it hits that freezing cold cake.  Will I do it again… of course… in a heartbeat!!


To the President & CEO: Happy Birthday!!

The Mets cake couldn’t be alone for long before Yankee’s came to the blog!   The day I delivered the Mets cake, the Executive Secretary ordered a Yankee cake for the President & CEO of Eppendorf.  He was turning 50 and it was only fitting to give him his team .  A sport trend has begun with New York Cake Co.; it’s wonderful!! This is a chocolate sheet cake layered with Cherry Filling and Chocolate/Coffee Butter cream.  Oh so rich and oh so delicious!!

New York Cake Co. is going “sporty”!

Let’s go Mets!!  I’m not much of a sports fan… I’m just as excited when the Yankees are doing their thing!!

“METS” is a Chocolate Cake filled with a rather rich coffee/chocolate buttercream (see recipe on Recipes page!) covered in fondant.  The Mets logo is an edible image (isn’t technology great?!).

This one is a bit simple, next “sport” cake I’m going all out… with the bases and the pitcher, etc!!!  Can’t wait… maybe it will yours!

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