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Happy 60th Salty!

Peter Brine is a beloved son, an amazing husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, once the owner of Townsville’s prestigious Salt Cellar restaurant, a wine sommelier, the owner of A Touch Of Salt, a player for England’s Middlesbrough football club, my friend and most recently the birthday boy that turned 60!


When the request came through for his 60th birthday cake it was to be carrot cake, not covered with fondant but included a football theme. I started a little research to get the full idea of how the football theme should be incorporated. To me he is one of the many great personalities behind the Salt Cellar and A Touch of Salt restaurants. But, quickly I learned his life involved much more than owning these two top-notch restaurants. The internet was littered with stories and pictures about his successful football career in the late 60’s and 70’s for the Middlesbrough team in England, where his teammates dubbed him “Salty”. There was so much I didn’t know about this wonderful gent whom I call friend.


It was tempting to just showcase his football career the cake, but in his 60 years there is a lot more to his life than football. He’s from England, when did he come to Australia? When did his beautiful wife, Christine, come into his picture? After thinking about these questions I decided to create a little story with a few of life’s highlights that make the Mr. Peter Brine that we know today! In 1953 Mr and Mrs Brine welcomed him into the world, he married to beautiful Chris in 1974, had the boys in ’76 and ’79 and then farewelled England and called Australia home in 1980.




Discovering Pete’s successful football career was a wonderful surprise. What would others be surprised to hear about you?


Father’s Day

It’s around the corner… Does your father know you love and appreciate him?

For an early Father’s Day BBQ this cake was made. It is a very moist Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting covered with fondant (tie is gum paste).  I thought about what a father should be and these words came to my head  – PEACEFUL   LOVE GENTLENESS   FAITH.  The shirt is made by the famous designer N.Y.C.C. – New York Cake Co.  Which designer does your father wear?!   🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!!

It’s that very special time of the year again…. April 1st, my birthday.

This year I was determined to go all out.  With the help of a friend we planned a Girls Only Tea Party at the very beautiful Rose House.  The theme was hats and dresses.  The weather was warm and sunny so the dresses really worked well.  Hats?…. if anyone knows me… I love hats and wear them quite often.  Though I only have a few,  people think I have a ton!

So with HATS, TEA and DRESSES in mind – it was a must that my cake design included them all.  The cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in fondant.  HATS:  the hat on top of the cake was similar to the hat I wore – straw hat with purple/pink flowers on one side.  TEA:  It was only suiting that for a tea party the cake should don a tea cup too.  The flowers on the tea cup were colored to match the dress I wore.  One of my favorite teas is Twinings Earl Gray, so that was what was in the tea cup!! DRESSES: I wore a white silk gown with a rather bright floral print – so I matched the orange letters and pink band on the cake to colors on my dress.

The results… amazing,  many girls came out adorned in hats of every style and shape imaginable. I loved all their dresses and the tea was absolutely magnificent.

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