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Sweet MAC Attack

She’s turning 18 and is a make up queen, a MAC make up queen to be exact! You’ve probably guessed it… a MAC inspired cake is on order. She likes to play with make up and I like to play with sugar – in any form. For this cake I used a mix of fondant and gumpaste. After several hours here’s what my sugar play created. Happy Birthday Tayler!

MAC make up cake

MAC make up cake

A Perfect Cake for a Student Nurse

Some time ago I made a cake for a student that was becoming a doctor.  The cake received so much attention on social media, it was no surprise that a request came through for a similar cake with a nurses spin.

Ok… but what tools are different between a doctor and a nurse?  Oh my goodness, the crazy things cake decorators have to think about!  Of course, I know how different their roles are as professionals.  But I had to take a second thought as to what I would create that upon the first sight the cake quietly screamed: Nurse, Nurse, Nurse!!

After a little more thinking, I realized it was their medical tools differed most.  In general on a visit to the doctor, it’s the doctor that does the initial exam.  Then he/she diagnose (or try to!) you.  After that diagnosis they give the orders to the nurse.  Then it’s the nurse who actually carries out the orders.  As for the doctor he’s on to the next patient in Room 2.  Well, this is the way my head imagined it.  It’s the nurse who bandages up the wounds,  injects your arm, and say’s “you’ll be fine!” before walking out the room and leaving you to re-dress.

For this cake, the books were added because Shannon is still studying.  Her mom squeaked the secret that Shannon is also an avid tea drinker.  Hopefully, I covered all the elements to make it a memorable 21st birthday.  🙂

Nurse themed cake

Nurse / Syringe / Cake      Studying Nurse Cake

The Reason

Creating cakes has been a joy! It’s an honor that people wish my creation to be on their table as they host friends and family. But there’s a reason more than money. Though the money is important, as good business creates a healthy economy. What’s the reason that drives me to do what I do?

Countless hours go into each cake. Firstly it’s the several calls, emails and text messages with the client to place the order. Through that process the design is created and sketched. If there are some pieces which need to be dried and can be done in advance they are done as soon as possible.

Then the actual cakes are baked using all natural raw ingredients. Baking the cakes to me, is the most important part of the entire process. If a customer receives a gorgeous cake that tastes unpleasant or is dry they will never return.

While the cakes bake I also make the filling and ganache. The ganache will serve as an undercoat for the fondant. After the cakes have cooled, they’re filled then left to set. After the filling has set a smooth layer of ganache or buttercream is spread over the now cooled and filled cakes.







A rainbow cake filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

While the ganache sets, the fondant is prepared by kneading in different colors. This process of coloring fondant can be lengthy as it can take a long time to reach the correct color shades.  Once the ganache coating has set and the fondant colors have settled the fondant is rolled out and smoothed over the cake.

Finally the last step has arrived of decorating the cake.

Rainbow buttercream ready for piping

Depending on the detail involved this can take hours or a few days. Either way this final step is so important as this is the first impression for your client when they see their cake.

20131121-104820.jpgBaby Boy Christening Cake, finished with fondant and handmade decorations

20131121-105727.jpgRainbow marble cake with buttercream

Phew… The cakes are given to the customer and that’s another job done, another set of new people that have tasted your creativity; and another opportunity for a new customer to be a repeat customer.

All of that’s done for a reason far greater than the money that’s received but for the joy that’s felt watching a happy customer smile or watching a child’s mouth drop in awe.   What’s your reason?  Why do you do what you do for a living?  Please do share with us. This is my reason, a beautiful letter of thanks!

Hi Theresa,

I just want to take the time to say a huge thank you for the cakes. It was a very smooth process from Beginning to end and I have genuinely enjoyed working with you! Olivia’s birthday cake was a huge hit with the children, and you should have heard the squeals of delight when it was cut to reveal a rainbow inside!

Our family and friends all commented on how amazing Alexander’s cake looked and how much work went into it!

They were both beautiful to eat, with most guests going back for seconds or thirds! I have told everyone who made them, and we will definitely be repeat customers.

Once again, thank you so much for the time and work you put into the design and creating the cakes.

Chris & Shari xo”

Welcome Baby!

This is yet another “first” in life for me…. first time to ever make a Baby Shower cake.  What fun!  Thanks to Mark-Anthony and Atelliah for having me to their shower.

Something as simple as cake announced an important message… the baby’s name – Welcome Baby Donovan!! Though surprising I was really happy that the cake gave away the secret!

The block on top spelled out B-A-B-Y.  The father was very clear to tell me “no pink, use red”.  I was a little leery  about using red as I thought it didn’t fit into the color scheme.  I feared it would stand out and take away from the softness that comes with a baby.  If the client makes a request it, I go with it… in the end I was happy as the red gave a great balance and didn’t stand out as much as I thought it would.  I should have remembered… the client is always right!!

Welcome to Baby Donovan and I look forward to welcoming many more babies!

It’s Summer… let’s celebrate… with cake!!

After such a long and harsh winter… SUMMER is finally here!!  At New York Cake Co.  the cakes are taking on that summer look with lighter and brighter colors.

Recently I created a Ginger Buttercream that gives a good kick to the rather ordinary Vanilla cake!!  And for a little more interest… I discovered that ginger goes well with peaches!!  So here we have a vanilla cake with peach fruit filling layered with Ginger Buttercream.  The perfect flavors for a summer evening celebrating your friends birthday…

Hats Off to Class of 2010!

Phew!! It’s over!! Summer vacation has begun!!

To all of you that worked so hard to keep good grades… Congratulations… you have done a fine job!!

A special congrats to the seniors of Times Square Church;  this cake is especially for you.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s a vanilla cake layered with ginger buttercream (made from the Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream recipe) and peach fruit filling.

Enjoy your new journey in life!!

New York Cake Co. is going “sporty”!

Let’s go Mets!!  I’m not much of a sports fan… I’m just as excited when the Yankees are doing their thing!!

“METS” is a Chocolate Cake filled with a rather rich coffee/chocolate buttercream (see recipe on Recipes page!) covered in fondant.  The Mets logo is an edible image (isn’t technology great?!).

This one is a bit simple, next “sport” cake I’m going all out… with the bases and the pitcher, etc!!!  Can’t wait… maybe it will yours!

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