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The Reason

Creating cakes has been a joy! It’s an honor that people wish my creation to be on their table as they host friends and family. But there’s a reason more than money. Though the money is important, as good business creates a healthy economy. What’s the reason that drives me to do what I do?

Countless hours go into each cake. Firstly it’s the several calls, emails and text messages with the client to place the order. Through that process the design is created and sketched. If there are some pieces which need to be dried and can be done in advance they are done as soon as possible.

Then the actual cakes are baked using all natural raw ingredients. Baking the cakes to me, is the most important part of the entire process. If a customer receives a gorgeous cake that tastes unpleasant or is dry they will never return.

While the cakes bake I also make the filling and ganache. The ganache will serve as an undercoat for the fondant. After the cakes have cooled, they’re filled then left to set. After the filling has set a smooth layer of ganache or buttercream is spread over the now cooled and filled cakes.







A rainbow cake filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

While the ganache sets, the fondant is prepared by kneading in different colors. This process of coloring fondant can be lengthy as it can take a long time to reach the correct color shades.  Once the ganache coating has set and the fondant colors have settled the fondant is rolled out and smoothed over the cake.

Finally the last step has arrived of decorating the cake.

Rainbow buttercream ready for piping

Depending on the detail involved this can take hours or a few days. Either way this final step is so important as this is the first impression for your client when they see their cake.

20131121-104820.jpgBaby Boy Christening Cake, finished with fondant and handmade decorations

20131121-105727.jpgRainbow marble cake with buttercream

Phew… The cakes are given to the customer and that’s another job done, another set of new people that have tasted your creativity; and another opportunity for a new customer to be a repeat customer.

All of that’s done for a reason far greater than the money that’s received but for the joy that’s felt watching a happy customer smile or watching a child’s mouth drop in awe.   What’s your reason?  Why do you do what you do for a living?  Please do share with us. This is my reason, a beautiful letter of thanks!

Hi Theresa,

I just want to take the time to say a huge thank you for the cakes. It was a very smooth process from Beginning to end and I have genuinely enjoyed working with you! Olivia’s birthday cake was a huge hit with the children, and you should have heard the squeals of delight when it was cut to reveal a rainbow inside!

Our family and friends all commented on how amazing Alexander’s cake looked and how much work went into it!

They were both beautiful to eat, with most guests going back for seconds or thirds! I have told everyone who made them, and we will definitely be repeat customers.

Once again, thank you so much for the time and work you put into the design and creating the cakes.

Chris & Shari xo”


Bonne Anniversaire

Sometimes we stop ourselves by building walls and telling ourselves what cannot be done and why.  When in actuality there is so much more we can do by being well prepared!  Today, I learned that lesson.

Late last night I read an email requesting a cake for today.  Normally I would have said “absolutely, no way!”.  But when I thought about it I had all the necessary components prepared, but not baked.  This morning soon after I awoke another lady called asking for a dozen cupcakes.  Were two different people really requesting last minute wonders?  In about a half hour I realized that the daughter emailed ordering the cake and her Mom called me ordering the cupcakes but… both were ordering for the same event – Alex’s birthday!!   What a great feeling it was to say “Yes, I can create you something special in less than 24 hours!”

About 9am they were baked, happily I fulfilled my “To Do” list and then in a short time they were decorated and ready to go… Bonne Anniversaire Alex!  🙂

The Twins Turn 60

Joanna, of Canberra rang and asked about a cake for her mom, Judy,  who was turning 60.  She was putting on a birthday celebration for her mom and friends were traveling from far and near!  Before the call was over I knew exactly what I was going to create!

There’s a blog I follow in California and they have made color shading on cakes so attractive that I thought I’d create one for a client.  The cake also needed to be rather feminine for a lady and elegant as the celebration was at the beautiful Watermark Restaurant.  So shades of pink and ruffles was the theme.

About the Cake: Vanilla Cake layered with Lemon

Then Joanna called again and announced that Judy’s twin, Greg, was also going to join.  I had to keep something constant so I stayed with the shading but for him blue was used.

About the Cake: Chocolate layered with Chocolate Ganache

However, before using the color shading on the Twins’ cake, I did the first one month’s ago for an expo.  This was an interesting cake as it wasn’t only the colors that changed but also the flavor… Chocolate and Vanilla!!

Butterflies and Buttercream

After a little hiatus I’m back!!  🙂

Why “Butterflies and Buttercream”…. well when you get a request for a teal green cake with butterflies and you canNOT use fondant… this is what you get.  What fun it was creating this cake!

You will find this funny… but this is only the second  cake where I used such a deep color for buttercream.  Normally, I would tint fondant such a strong color but not buttercream.  My first deeply tinted buttercream cake was the Hello Kitty cake (the blog post is called Hello Kitty Kitty).  Coloring fondant is so different than coloring buttercream, because of the fat content in buttercream the color will darken with time.   I added a some color to the buttercream and let it sit for a little then tada… a beautiful teal green!  Butterflies were the theme of the party so I quickly made these of gum paste so the wings will actually stay open for the butterfly’s “just landed” look.

It was good to get back to working with gum paste.  For my next few cake I think I will incorporate gum paste whether they request it or not… it’s such a fun and creative sugar medium.

Keep It Sweet,

Theresa  🙂

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