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Happy 60th Salty!

Peter Brine is a beloved son, an amazing husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, once the owner of Townsville’s prestigious Salt Cellar restaurant, a wine sommelier, the owner of A Touch Of Salt, a player for England’s Middlesbrough football club, my friend and most recently the birthday boy that turned 60!


When the request came through for his 60th birthday cake it was to be carrot cake, not covered with fondant but included a football theme. I started a little research to get the full idea of how the football theme should be incorporated. To me he is one of the many great personalities behind the Salt Cellar and A Touch of Salt restaurants. But, quickly I learned his life involved much more than owning these two top-notch restaurants. The internet was littered with stories and pictures about his successful football career in the late 60’s and 70’s for the Middlesbrough team in England, where his teammates dubbed him “Salty”. There was so much I didn’t know about this wonderful gent whom I call friend.


It was tempting to just showcase his football career the cake, but in his 60 years there is a lot more to his life than football. He’s from England, when did he come to Australia? When did his beautiful wife, Christine, come into his picture? After thinking about these questions I decided to create a little story with a few of life’s highlights that make the Mr. Peter Brine that we know today! In 1953 Mr and Mrs Brine welcomed him into the world, he married to beautiful Chris in 1974, had the boys in ’76 and ’79 and then farewelled England and called Australia home in 1980.




Discovering Pete’s successful football career was a wonderful surprise. What would others be surprised to hear about you?


The Twins Turn 60

Joanna, of Canberra rang and asked about a cake for her mom, Judy,  who was turning 60.  She was putting on a birthday celebration for her mom and friends were traveling from far and near!  Before the call was over I knew exactly what I was going to create!

There’s a blog I follow in California and they have made color shading on cakes so attractive that I thought I’d create one for a client.  The cake also needed to be rather feminine for a lady and elegant as the celebration was at the beautiful Watermark Restaurant.  So shades of pink and ruffles was the theme.

About the Cake: Vanilla Cake layered with Lemon

Then Joanna called again and announced that Judy’s twin, Greg, was also going to join.  I had to keep something constant so I stayed with the shading but for him blue was used.

About the Cake: Chocolate layered with Chocolate Ganache

However, before using the color shading on the Twins’ cake, I did the first one month’s ago for an expo.  This was an interesting cake as it wasn’t only the colors that changed but also the flavor… Chocolate and Vanilla!!

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