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New York Cake Company began in Long Island near New York City making custom cakes for special occasions.  After owner, Theresa Francis, paid a visit to Australia in early 2011 the face of the company changed to delectable and delicious cupcakes being sold at the local markets.  Quickly the news spread that an amazing cake product was available and what was thought to be a visit turned into the start of a business.  The Market presence in this small town allowed the locals to taste and learn about quality cupcakes along with allowing them to experience the world renowned flavor of Red Velvet originating in Southern America.  From our first custom cake sold in NY to the many cupcakes sold in Australia the focus continues to be quality, flavor and beauty.


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  1. Hey NYC Cake Lady,

    I am amazed by the detail, style and sophistication that go into every cake you make. It sends the message that every client is unique and special-thank you. I can’t wait to have first cake party which will showcase not one but two fabulous cakes made by The New York Cake Co.
    Until then, I wish you the very best and the brightest time in the world of personalized sumptuous Cakes.

    Alex Jones, Ceo promotes nonprofit organizations and help bring awareness to the plight of Africa!

  2. Proud of you T! Keep it up 🙂

  3. This is so wonderful! I hadn’t realised you were a cake lady!! Id love to try one!!! 🙂 You must love your career!!!


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