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A Warm Welcome to Macaroons

WOW, time does really fly!  I can hardly believe it’s been this long since my last post.  May and June were months consumed at James Cook University in Australia, where I study Business.  It was an intense period studying for four final exams.  While running the business full-time and being a new student after many years of not studying it took some discipline to get into study mode.  But all in all I was really pleased that in the four subjects, I received a grade of 85% (Distinction grade in Australia) for three subjects and a 62% (Pass in Australia) in Business Law.  Though that Law class disappointed me with a measly Pass… I am very thankful to God for bringing me through with my brains still in tact and good grades!!

So on to the BIG NEWS!!  I know Macaroons have been around for a long time and why am I only now adding these ‘sweeties’ to the menu?!  It’s about time right?!  🙂  To be honest, I don’t have a particular reason other than I hadn’t had a strong enough request for them but recently I’ve had to create batches of them for a local restaurant and that FORCED me to join the Macaroon-Making band wagon.  I’m really happy to join this band wagon as they are a simple joy to make.  My first batches I’ve had the joy of making in a fairly well-spaced commercial kitchen so the process was rather quick.  There I used Zumbo’s recipe.  But I made them at home using José Maréchal’s recipe and quickly learned I need to invest in more home-style sheet trays.

What has puzzled me is why there are so many books, shows, blogs, articles and video posts on making these treats that are relatively simple to make.  I’m not sure if I just don’t get it but my recipe has only 5 ingredients for the biscuit!!   It seems there can be very negative results if slight errors are made. (that’s scary!)  Thankfully I didn’t have any issues and hopefully that will stay with me!

Of course my first macaroons joined me at the Cotters Market, where I’ve been selling sweet treats of all sorts for over a year now!  And… The… Flavor… Was…  BAILEY’S IRISH CREME!!  I was really happy with the results and hope you feel the same from the picture attached.  (Please excuse the picture that was taken using my ancient iPhone!)


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