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Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the wonderful women that have faithfully loved and mothered their children:

Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom is the most amazing women ever!  Yes, I know what a clique statement, but it’s true.  She is a warrior, defies all odds, and has led me to be the Christian women I am today.  Originally from Barbados, in 1975 she married, moved to New York and never looked back. She had my two sisters and then saved the best for last and had me!!  🙂   All through the years she’s been there guiding and instructing me as to which way to go, sometimes she’s right, sometimes not.  But, what’s most important is that she’s willing to listen, there to love and always makes me laugh.  What she’s done and willing to do for me is priceless.  We are closer than sisters.  We don’t even seem like mother and daughter but more a pair of very close friends.

In 2010, my Mom was in Australia and I was in New York but still I made a cake for her and even blogged about it.  You can check it out here.  This year, we are both in Australia so we will not be able to do our yearly ritual of taking a short drive from home to the Old Westbury Gardens mansion. There we would spend the day talking while strolling around in the immaculately manicured gardens.  We would stop and literally smell the roses.  At this time of year in North America it’s spring.  The grass is a light green and everything is in bloom.  A light sweater is more than enough and the sun so sweetly kisses your face!  I don’t know where we will spend this Mother’s Day while Down Under, but because she’s all the way from America to be with me it will be special nonetheless!

Mom, I dearly love you,

Your Daughter

May 2012 – Townsville

Her and I – Aug. 2008 – Central Park, NYC

Shades of pink just seemed right for Mother’s Day.  I am still in love with my ruffles so I had to add them too.  This is a very moist Vanilla Cake with two different fillings that perfectly compliment each other.  One is that unique Raspberry filling that can seem like a jam.  Every time I make this Raspberry filling it adds joy to the day.  It’s one of those simple yet rewarding recipes. The other layer is a White Chocolate Creme.

Vanilla Cake filled with a layer of Raspberry and a layer of White Chocolate Creme. Vanilla Buttercream icing


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  1. Charity samuriwo

    Ohh Teresa I so loved reading, made me think of my mom and she often made huge sacrifices to make life good for us:) I hope I can give the same to my kids and that they will see me as the super mom I eandevour to be:)


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