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Fresh Flowers and Autumn Colors

I really love working with fresh flowers!  They radiate elegance and perfectly compliment a simple cake.

Autumn, though some call it Fall because all the leaves fall off the trees, is my favorite time of the year.  When I was in New York we would always take long autumn rides along the Hudson river overlooking New York City just to view the colors of the trees.  Oh my goodness, there were bright reds, dark maroons, shades of brown, glorious golds, bright yellows, oranges, olive greens all set against that clear blue sky with a crisp “where’s my sweater?” breeze.  But, in tropical Townsville where I currently live, that dreamy picture doesn’t really exist.  Though this is the autumn/winter season here, the days are about 75-80˚F.  Let’s be honest, palm trees are green and occasionally brown 24/7/365!!

My neighbor was celebrating her 5th Anniversary and requested a cake.  She wanted to keep it simple so I suggested a few fresh flowers.  Where I live has a big lawn with about 1/2 of it dedicated to a meticulously kept garden.  In it grows everything from papau fruit to tomatoes; from lettuce to roses.  I really enjoy the sweet scents that greet me every morning.  The flowers on this cake are from a quick walk and snip, snip around the garden.  Fortunately, I was able to capture the rustic colors of tropical autumn which makes me love this cake.   It’s a product of the tropics that brought back great memories of the Big City.

About the cake: Chocolate layered with chocolate buttercream; covered in Vanilla buttercream.


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