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The Twins Turn 60

Joanna, of Canberra rang and asked about a cake for her mom, Judy,  who was turning 60.  She was putting on a birthday celebration for her mom and friends were traveling from far and near!  Before the call was over I knew exactly what I was going to create!

There’s a blog I follow in California and they have made color shading on cakes so attractive that I thought I’d create one for a client.  The cake also needed to be rather feminine for a lady and elegant as the celebration was at the beautiful Watermark Restaurant.  So shades of pink and ruffles was the theme.

About the Cake: Vanilla Cake layered with Lemon

Then Joanna called again and announced that Judy’s twin, Greg, was also going to join.  I had to keep something constant so I stayed with the shading but for him blue was used.

About the Cake: Chocolate layered with Chocolate Ganache

However, before using the color shading on the Twins’ cake, I did the first one month’s ago for an expo.  This was an interesting cake as it wasn’t only the colors that changed but also the flavor… Chocolate and Vanilla!!


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