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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Trent & Toni’s Engagement

In the first weeks of school during a break Toni and I met.  We started chatting and I shared with her with what I do for work – create cakes!  Then she bubbled over with excitement asking if I were the same person that sells cupcakes at the markets.  Yes, I’m her!!  She further explained that her fiancé, Trent, just loves the Chocolate cupcake.  A few weeks later Trent and Toni had a wonderful Engagement party at the Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club which I enjoyed being a one of their guests.

For some reason I’m on the ruffle binge… Buttercream with ruffles (click here) and now fondant with ruffles.  This took a lot longer than I expected as each strip around the cake had to be done individually so the fondant wouldn’t dry out.  For the ruffling edge I had to use a small tea scoop!  😦  I can hardly wait until I get all of my decorating tools from New York, it would surely make the job a whole lot faster.  🙂

Toni’s guest invitations were Black, White and Avocado Green which inspired this cake, with the beautiful fresh flowers from Townsville Flower Market.

About the Cake:  Main Cake – Chocolate layered with Chocolate buttercream.  Cupcakes – Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon/Coconut


Fresh Flowers and Autumn Colors

I really love working with fresh flowers!  They radiate elegance and perfectly compliment a simple cake.

Autumn, though some call it Fall because all the leaves fall off the trees, is my favorite time of the year.  When I was in New York we would always take long autumn rides along the Hudson river overlooking New York City just to view the colors of the trees.  Oh my goodness, there were bright reds, dark maroons, shades of brown, glorious golds, bright yellows, oranges, olive greens all set against that clear blue sky with a crisp “where’s my sweater?” breeze.  But, in tropical Townsville where I currently live, that dreamy picture doesn’t really exist.  Though this is the autumn/winter season here, the days are about 75-80˚F.  Let’s be honest, palm trees are green and occasionally brown 24/7/365!!

My neighbor was celebrating her 5th Anniversary and requested a cake.  She wanted to keep it simple so I suggested a few fresh flowers.  Where I live has a big lawn with about 1/2 of it dedicated to a meticulously kept garden.  In it grows everything from papau fruit to tomatoes; from lettuce to roses.  I really enjoy the sweet scents that greet me every morning.  The flowers on this cake are from a quick walk and snip, snip around the garden.  Fortunately, I was able to capture the rustic colors of tropical autumn which makes me love this cake.   It’s a product of the tropics that brought back great memories of the Big City.

About the cake: Chocolate layered with chocolate buttercream; covered in Vanilla buttercream.

Celebrating Birthdays with Chocolate

An extremely sweet young lady named Lydia turned 15!  I met Lydia about a year ago at an African Day market and we exchanged numbers.  Boy, am I ever happy we did!  She also began working for me serving clients at the markets.  What a blessing she is!

Well the big day came and she turned 15.   I was so excited to create her birthday cake along with her little cousin nicknamed Strawberry who turned 2.  This family LOVES chocolate!  Unfortunately the pictures aren’t great, just used my iPhone.

About Lydia’s Cake:  Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream

About Strawberry’s Cake: Chocolate Cake layered and covered with Chocolate Ganache and a (fondant) strawberry

Bubbles and Babies

On a Tuesday I received a phone call to have an order finished by Saturday morning!  Ohhhh my goodness!

A client from Magnetic Island (20 minute ferry ride from where I am) called in a panic asking me to create sweet treats for her baby shower.  Her original supplier had an emergency and she was left looking for a cake designer.  Of course I accepted to do it!  But I think I went crazy for that second!  It came right in the middle of exams at university.  So it was between studying and multiple phone calls and emails with the client that these little cupcakes were created.

But in the end… these little faces will give anyone a smile and erase the rushing and panicking.

Miss Mermaid

After a brief chat at an art exhibition with Jacinta I knew we would work together one day.  The day came sooner than I thought when she requested a cake for her sweet little daugther Aria.  Jacinta is so organized she already planned the theme was going to be Snow White.  Mermaid and her little crew were the perfect match for a Snow White theme.  I haven’t used toy figurines on a cake before, but they were already purchased and I was more than happy to incorporate them.

It’s a uniquely special cake to me because my very kitchen-happy 8-year old nephew helped create the coral!!  He’s very smart and listens to instruction really well.  He actually obeys me more in the kitchen than any where else — so figure!!  🙂

About the Cake: Chocolate with a layer of Raspberry and a layer of Chocolate Ganache


Surprise for a Canadian Student

From all over the world students come to study at James Cook University (JCU).  One student had a wonderful family back in Canada that ordered fresh personalized cupcakes to be specially delivered to his dorm at JCU.

This was surprise for the birthday boy so I wrapped up the box like a gift but hopefully he read the sign of “VERY FRAGILE” and didn’t turn it upside down!!  LOL  🙂  A cupcake for each family member and without hesitation I used red and white to represent his national Canadian colors!


The Twins Turn 60

Joanna, of Canberra rang and asked about a cake for her mom, Judy,  who was turning 60.  She was putting on a birthday celebration for her mom and friends were traveling from far and near!  Before the call was over I knew exactly what I was going to create!

There’s a blog I follow in California and they have made color shading on cakes so attractive that I thought I’d create one for a client.  The cake also needed to be rather feminine for a lady and elegant as the celebration was at the beautiful Watermark Restaurant.  So shades of pink and ruffles was the theme.

About the Cake: Vanilla Cake layered with Lemon

Then Joanna called again and announced that Judy’s twin, Greg, was also going to join.  I had to keep something constant so I stayed with the shading but for him blue was used.

About the Cake: Chocolate layered with Chocolate Ganache

However, before using the color shading on the Twins’ cake, I did the first one month’s ago for an expo.  This was an interesting cake as it wasn’t only the colors that changed but also the flavor… Chocolate and Vanilla!!

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