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Happy Valentine’s Day

There is so much exciting news to share – I’m really busting to tell it all!!

Firstly… on Sunday, February 12, 2012 (2/12/12) it was the first time for New York Cake Co to be published in a magazine.  I took out an ad in a classy wedding magazine, which is the first of it’s type here in Far North Queensland.  It’s a small pocket sized, full-color glossy magazine that covers every detail of wedding planning.  It tells the bride who is suppose to pay for what and includes where she can buy it all like… cake.  Hopefully she’ll choose New York Cake Co.   With much pleasure I was invited to provide mini cupcakes to compliment the champagne and juice toast. What a joy!

This year has been the most successful Valentine’s Day – thank you Townsville!!  Close to 20 dozen cupcakes were bought.  For some people that may be small, for me that’s AMAZING!  Even today there were still texts and messages coming in to place orders.

Let’s start with the flavors, because after all that’s what it’s all about – Red Velvet – it’s new to Townsville and well-enjoyed and of course Chocolate because of its popularity. But for something lighter, Strawberries ‘n Creme has been approved by the locals as another keeper on the menu. Interested in reading more about Strawberry cupcakes? Go here.  It was simple for decorations… hearts all the way.  To add a little dimension and love messages, since that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, I covered cookies with fondant and wrote sweet things like “Kiss Me” “I Love You” “XO” “Be Mine”.

Another special first was an order  to deliver cupcakes to the girlfriend’s job.  I felt like a florist… “Hello, is Jane here?  These are from your boyfriend.”  Then a quick dash for the door to appear like a magic genie delivered them.  Hopefully she enjoyed our gift pack.

Lovely gift!

In an earlier post I mention about one of the local eateries ordering cupcakes to finish off their special Valentine’s Day dinner.  This would have been the very last course of the meal, what a sweet ending indeed!!  It’s the first time to use these transparent individual boxes and I really like the look.  I haven’t seen them around here so something new is always fun!

last.. but not least

Thank you for reading and sharing Valentines Day with New York Cake Co.


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