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LOVE and the Little Red Berry

It’s that time of year again, where the world seems to be a hue of reds and pinks – Valentine’s Day!  At New York Cake Co. we are excited about making pretty and delicious treats.  With a seven dozen cupcake order in about a month ago from one of the local restaurants, we’ve been thinking Valentine’s Day for a while now and we LOVE it!!  At this particular restaurant I had the pleasure of hearing the Executive Chef say “I’ve never tasted a better cake before in my life” – that was an enormous compliment from a chef of his caliber!!  But better yet was when I was discussing with him what type of decorations and cake he wanted for his Valentine’s Day dinner and he said “I give you full freedom, do whatever you want!”  Have I really gained his trust that whatever I make he’ll approve?!  🙂

Though many cake flavors can signify with Valentine’s Day, of course we all know of Chocolate, there’s still space for something new.  Yes, I agree chocolate will never go out of Vogue!  However in our kitchen, here in Townsville where we introducted the flavor of Red Velvet – Red Velvet is beginning to steal the show!!  So the flavor choices for Valentine’s Day 2012 are: Chocolate of course!  Red Velvet, a must, as Townsville folk have made it clear it’s their best. Last but not least… Strawberries n Creme!  A tender moist cake full of sweet strawberries topped with a rich, creamy, buttercream.

Lately I’ve been focusing on using fruit in my cakes, as I’m looking for a fresh and “clean” taste.  Chocolate will be around forever.  But there is space for something new and fruity.  There is a post about blueberries here and raspberries here.  In a short time with a few tweaks the recipe for the Strawberry cake and the Creme frosting was created.   There were some extra fresh strawberries so I quickly made a jam for the top.  As a trial, I brought them to the markets and WOW – they were a hit!!  And again, something new in Townsville!! 🙂

About the cupcakes:  Strawberry & Creme 

ready to be taken to your Someone Special


the first attempt at Strawberry n Creme cupcakes


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