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Happy 18th Hot fm!!

At the Consortium plenty of young people dressed in 1990’s style joined to wish our local radio station, Hot fm, a Happy 18th Birthday.  It was a great evening catching up with old friends, meeting of new friends and a lot of laughs.

1990’s fashion?  What was it?  What did we wear then that we are not wearing now?  After asking around, I was reminded that we used to wear shoulder pads… remember those things?!  Tied our shirts at the waist!  Wore our jeans at the waist, not the hip huggers we don now!  LOL LOL

The cupcake order was in about 3 weeks before the event, but at the last minute an order came in for a larger cake. I just cannot say “no”!!  I used the large cake to showcase their logo, while on the cupcakes I brought in the theme of radio and birthday.  On the Red Velvet cupcakes were 18’s, the chocolate had mini radios made out of fondant, and the vanilla had a microphone with their station number on it – 103.1


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