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The Flavor of “Light Purple & Bright Yellow”

Almost two years ago I was preparing for New York Cake Co. to go on TV back in New York.  Though TV is all about presentation, flavor pairings and taste were my main focus.  lol!  What is interesting and unique; classic and clean; traditional, yet new?  I had some thinking to do and out of what seemed like no where the idea of Lavender and Lemon popped up.

Lavender and Lemon – It fit my quest for something new, interesting, unique, delicious, classic, clean.  Lavender and Lemon is a pairing that upon your first bite… your eyes close to really savor that light lavender aromatic flavor while the tangy and pungent lemon hits you full blown.  Just the aroma of the lavender itself transcends you to somewhere you haven’t been before in the world of food.  Let’s just say you must enjoy this at least once in life.

Somehow this flavor went into the back part of my brain until Friday afternoon during a phone call.

An exciting new cafe has just opened and the owner there is no ordinary cafe owner!  He wants flavors that haven’t been invented yet.  He’s full of life and savors the moment with delicious food.  The cafe is chic (please pronounce as “sheek”), bright, clean and just so New York Cake Co. friendly.  There hasn’t been a load of previously frozen mass produced stuff that needs to be cleared to make room for our fresh product.  Sometimes when I start a new cafe on our product they have to rid their freezer shelves of product, that can sit in a freezer for up to 4 months.  Yup, go ahead and freek out!!  LOL   He’s basically given me a display case to fill of all New York Cake Co. delights.  (Let’s just say I’m overjoyed, eh!).  When him and I were discussing the first order and I learned he was all about unique flavors – then that Light Purple and Bright Yellow vision popped into my mind and I slowly suggested “well, what about a Lavender and Lemon Cake?”  “Ohhhhh, my goodness!  Yes!  That’s exactly it!” he excitingly replied.  Great! 🙂

About the Cake:  Lavender and Lemon cake filled with citrus mousse covered in Lavender and Lemon creme.

About the cupcakes:  From 2008 the first time pairing Lavender & Lemon – Lemon cupcakes with Lavender and Lemon creme


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