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Not Your Ordinary Chocolate Cake

Yesterday one of the cafe owners texted in her order (thank you!) which included a chocolate cake.  For this particular cafe I haven’t done a round Chocolate Cake yet.  For chocolate they normally get the “Death by Chocolate” log, pictured below.  It’s four layers of oh so moist Chocolate cake, layered with Chocolate Fudge Frosting then coated with Dark Chocolate ganache.

With such a general request and no direction of flavor… I was excited to explore something new.   She left the choosing up to me!  Yay!  Well for the locals here in Townsville, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that as an American we primarily use buttercream.  Buttercream layered in the cake, buttercream on top of the cake…. buttercream, buttercream, buttercream.  Buttercream is not big around here.  So unheard of that when I started selling at the markets, people would ask “what is buttercream?”  An American five year old knows what buttercream is, he’s been licking if off his mother’s beaters since he could reach!  But as the client base grows and there are entire display cases to fill, there just has to be more than buttercream, so now I’m becoming a ganache addict.   Dark Chocolate ganache, Milk Chocolate ganache, White chocolate ganache.  Heat, stir, pour… tada!!

For a few hours I thought, “what should this Chocolate cake have in it?”  Caramel? No, too much caramel here… Caramel tart, Caramel slice, caramel, caramel, caramel, no, no, no.  Reese’s Pieces? No. too American and folk may not be ready for that yet.  Buttercream? No, though it’s delicious, I have to change.  What? What? What do I choose?  Raspberry? Yes! It will be Raspberry!  A few weeks ago I got my hands on creating a Raspberry jam that is like “oh my goooooodness” as a filling. Actually is it a jam or is it a filling?  I’m not sure, just know it is this perfect raspberry concoction that tastes amazing.  I first used it layered in a Vanilla Cake and it was a success.  But Raspberry and chocolate –  that just sounded right and it is!  So this bold, rich, red, tangy raspberry delight lies between three layers of the most moist Chocolate Cake I’ve ever tasted.  Of course, its topped with my latest addition…. Dark Chocolate ganache and garnished with fresh Raspberries.

About the cake: Chocolate Cake, layered with Raspberries, coated with ganache

About the Cake: named “Death by Chocolate” by the cafe – it’s 4 layers of chocolate cake, 3 layers of fudge frosting, coated in dark chocolate ganache


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