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Look at that Red Hat

I vaguely remember something about the Red Hat ladies when I was in NY, but I forget what!  (I guess that does no one any good!).  When I worked as a chef at Absolute Tea here in Townsville, Australia I remember a reservation was made.  As normal you just prepare and do what you need to do.  But… when all these ladies adorned in red and purple graced the tea room with their presence it was rather beautiful.  They sat at Table 5 which was right outside the window where I would pass all the guests orders.  Quickly I grabbed my phone and took this:

20+ ladies Red Hat ladies join for tea

Unfortunately from the reservation I didn’t realize that they were from the Red Hat Society as I would have made something special as a complimentary “thank you”.  But luckily on hand I had about 20 mini Red Velvet cupcakes.  Just as they were finishing up their meal I sent out the cupcakes and they were thoroughly enjoyed!

Months later I met Ms. Judy, who ordered the green and purple hat cake for her 80th Birthday.   If you are interested, you’ll find that blog post here.  As we drove away from planning that cake I learned she was a member of the Red Hat Society and needed a cake for the Christmas tea that she was hosting.

It was just minutes past 10 am on December 20th and I walk into Judy’s gorgeous home to deliver.  On her back porch overlooking the beach and Magnetic Island were about 20 women so amazingly clad in red and purple.  Sounds really crazy, but tears welled up in my eyes!!  I don’t know why, just me… I guess!  🙂

About the Cake:  Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Covered in Fondant.  Fresh flowers

Red Hat Cake


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