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Appreciating Performing Arts Through Cupcakes

Who seemed like a random lady walked up to me at the local markets, where I have a cupcake stall.  She’s never tasted or bought a cupcake but when she  began organizing an Appreciation Party for the high school Performing Art students she knew where she would get cupcakes.  She said she’s noticed me there many times.  Wow, I’m being watched!!

It was really interesting coming up with designs with her as she wanted each cupcake to represent a specific art and that cupcake she would give to the child who performed that art.  In fewer words… for the child that dances, they would have dance shoes and for the child that paints he would have an artist’s palette, etc.  I had some thinking to do and came up with this… dance slippers for the dancer; film reel for the TV producer; artist’s palette for the artist; masks for drama; and notes for the musician.  My favorite are the ballet slippers.  I think largely due to the fact that I still want to learn how to dance!  What’s your favorite?  It may just be something special that you want to start learning! 🙂

About the cake: Chocolate and Vanilla cake with Vanilla Buttercream


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