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An 80 Year Old Eats A Hat

After a brief visit to Judy’s home overlooking the Strand Beach and Magnetic Island,  I realized it was an honor of mine to prepare her 80th Birthday cake.

Judy is like no other 80 year old that I’ve met… she’s stylish, extremely switched on and well organized.  To celebrate her 80th birthday she invited about 45 of her closest friends to a morning tea at the prestigious Michel’s restaurant.  At our brief and very to-the-point Cake Consultation she clearly explained that the color theme was green & purple to match her business cards.  Mind you these cards are not used for the typical day-to-day business encounters as this socialite is retired.  “Business cards” for social networking at 80 is so my style!  After flicking through a few pictures on my laptop it was quickly determined that the cake was suppose to be a hat.  She directed me to get fresh flowers from Townsville Flower Market as that was the florist she hired to decorate the tables.

If baking for the lovely Judy wasn’t enough of an honor, I then had the honor of having a cake of mine served at Michel’s, which means a lot to me!  You have to be a local foodie to understand,  Michel’s is just oh so sleek and up there.  Just that fact that they served it I was like “hip hip hooray” in my little head!

The cake is done and delivered… phew!  (Yes I still “phew” after every cake. 🙂  I semi hold my breath until it’s delivered then its a long “pheeeeewwwww”)  The next day I speak to Judy and for about 15 minutes she compliments and  about not only how it looked but the flavor! Good.  That is my main focus in every cake I make… pretty is one thing but it is still food and must taste delicious!

About the Cake  Tahitian Vanilla Cake, layered with tahitian vanilla buttercream.  Fondant, gumpaste and fresh flowers for decor.


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