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Teaching… Cake Decorating

A few months after I landed here looking for something to do… I call Syd’s Cakes asking if he needed someone to teach Cake Decorating.  He had no need but  was kind enough to pass me on to Tracey, co-owner of Il Mondo.  Il Mondo is a local cookware shop that carries everything for the kitchen you can dream of – from china tea sets to Kitchenaid Mixers.   After a phone conversation with Tracey and then a random stop-in I was on to something new… Teaching Cake Decorating in Australia of all places!!!

It was quite an experience creating the class curriculum; figuring what tools and tips were needed; typing up a Hand Out, etc.  Working with Tracey was wonderful as she is full of wisdom and insight that really made the classes so professional.   We wanted the students to leave with as much knowledge as possible while keeping it fun.  After many chats we came up with a class that covered the many aspects of Cake Decorating – firstly, Royal Icing – showed the students how to mix royal icing and what peaks they should look for.  Then we prepared our styrofoam “cakes” and covered them with fondant.  Then decorated with piped with Royal Icing.  After decorating our cakes… we moved on to decorating two real cupcakes with Buttercream.  After that 2 1/2 hour class they went away with beautifully decorated cakes and the fundamentals to tackle any decorating task.  They absolutely loved it and so did I!

I was rather nervous but the first class went well!  Phew!  It was good to have it over rather than still looking forward to it!.  Then months later, many classes later and about 80+ students later I finally resigned and went on to “What’s next?”

       The last class with “the girl from New York”

after the first class! 🙂

creating the Buttercream Rose


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  1. Congratulations!! This is great, Theresa!!
    I’m sure you’re an awesome teacher and you had a lot of fun too 🙂


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