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Cupcake #687!

Hello Friends, Cake Addicts, Sweettoothers!

Wow, It’s been too long since I’ve blogged.  Will you accept the excuse that I’ve been baking 7 days a week?!

To those of you who may not have already realized I’m now living in Australia and New York Cake Co. is just starting to bloom – one cupcake at a time!

Just to start off small here I began selling cupcakes by the beach at the Strand, once a month on a Friday night. Now every week on Sunday morning I set up at the local markets in the city and sell sweet things!  For the Friday night market it was solely cupcakes, but moving into the Sunday morning market my product had to change.  As good as they seem, who wants a cupcake at 9AM?  Now Blueberry Muffins, Mixed Berry and White Chocolate Muffins and even a savory Sundried Tomato with Feta and Rosemary muffin grace the table to be a companion for someone’s morning cup of coffee.

Friday nights are good but Sunday Mornings have been wonderful.  Thankfully I’ve been able to attend 3 thus far and the “regulars” have made themselves known!  They seem to wait for me and as they approach they already knowing what they want – most of them looking for that Savory Muffin.  The best was today when different people kept coming up telling me they were sent to buy a muffin.  I wondered who was sending them and one gent pointed to an elderly man sitting on a bench munching down one of the muffins  –  it was him that was sending over folk.  Thank You so much #1 Grandpa Sales Man.

Another joy is meeting people that I drummed up convo with in the first few weeks I arrived.  Upon arriving I knew no one, had no job, had no car, had no where specific to go so anyone who seemed the slightest bit friendly I chatted with.   Now as I sell I meet those people and it’s such a wonderful thing.  One day I was talking with an elderly man about America and music as I waited for my sister.  He’s now my #1 customer and today he just overheard me tell someone I was running out of napkins.  Sure enough he finds a little convenience store and buys some napkins and things continued seamlessly!

Upon arriving in Australia 4 long months ago about 686 cupcakes have been made!  Who’s up for getting #687?

for an Aussie Baby Shower


Happy 11th Birthday Florence!

Lemon filled with Pineapple Curd topped with Lemon Buttercream








































30 Crayola Cupcakes - as a farewell for my Newphew's 3rd grade teacher


for an Aussie "Bug Themed" baby Shower


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  1. Those look awesome! so yummy! I hope you are doing well! Enjoy Australia!

  2. You keep getting better and better…I hope you get back to the states soon so I can have an endless supply of cupcakes!!!! Love B.


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