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A Dream Comes True

After mulling over the thought of moving to Australia for a year, I finally bought the ticket and since then I’ve never looked back.  Before leaving NY I made an Australian “Wish List” on my iPhone using the “Notes” app.  I wanted this “Wish List” to be handy so at any time I could look at it and analyze how I was going.  Any wish should always be at your fingertips, never in an old purse or long forgotten journal!

Mother's Day was in 2 days so these were the official "Mother's Day" cupcakes

One of the wishes was to set up a Cupcake Tent and sell all sorts of sweet creations and it had to be by the beach!  LOL LOL LOL

Well, would you believe that actually happened all very quickly without much effort I found myself by the beach selling cupcakes (only thing missing was the tent because they weren’t allowed).  Soon after arriving I learned that you could sell things at a monthly Friday night market by the beach.  I inquired and harassed all golly out of this poor lady that was the organizer for this market.  You know us New Yorkers we have to have EVERY question answered before we move one inch, well this New Yorker anyway!  I must have left her about 10 phone messages filled with questions and another 10 emails with all the questions I had left on the message and some new ones.  This lady, named Cathy Thompson, was a charm!  She was so patient and answered them all.  She assured me that I could participate and sell whatever I baked.  But for some stupid reason I still thought that I could not attend the markets because of some legal foodie reasons.  So I just thought “no, I won’t do this because I can’t legally”.  In reading through my emails I found out that the fee was only $35.00 so I thought “What the France, if it doesn’t work you’ve only lost $35 – only two Long Island Railroad tickets”.  I paid the fee and realized that I COULD DO THIS!

In about 4 days I did something that I only wished and dreamed about… Sold cupcakes by the beach.  After writing many lists , making a few calls and driving my sister’s Benz all over town getting all the ingredients and supplies that I needed I was in business!  LOL   So unreal!  A late night later I was at the Strand in Townsville with about 150 cupcakes, a huge 6′ table (bought about 5 minutes before it started) and with a ton of smiles the “doors” were open – Cupcakes for sales!





Around sunset

When you have a new audience it’s tricky knowing what they will like and what will NOT fly.  In America our sweet is far more sugary than other countries.  So I worried that maybe my buttercream would be too sweet, too buttery, too smooth.  What flavors do I bring?  The questions were flying along with the flour, sugar and eggs!  There wasn’t much time to think so it came down to just “doing”.  Settled with Vanilla Cupcakes topped with a beautiful teal green tinted Vanilla Buttercream (who knows me, knows I love color), a Lemon cupcake filled with Pineapple Curd and topped with a bright yellow Lemon buttercream and it wouldn’t be me to show up without something 100% chocolate – a Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream, topped with a little Chocolate square.

Though it seemed like my shop, my idea, my baking it really was an effort that everyone was a part of.  It was the acts of genuine kindness from all the people around me that taught me a lesson.  Most of these people I had only known for a few weeks.  The day before I realized that I had to have change to give people so one co-worker changed up about $30 worth of .50 pieces.  Another lady, Tracie the owner of Il Mondo Cookware Shop, lent me beautiful but popping fabric for the table, cupcake stands and a cake pedestal.  My amazing sister, Olivia, that stayed up very late to keep me company as I baked, lent me her car or drove me where ever I needed to go, then invited all her friends to come also.  Friends from all walks of my short lived time here responded to texts that they would come and visit me – Wow!

With all that love and a lot of work it was a total success.  At the end of the night I was left with a mere 9 cupcakes.  Of course they were given to my “neighbors” like the couple across from me that sold jams and jellies; the two Korean ladies next to me that let me borrow their chair; the young kids that came as I was packing up…

Sweet dreams DO come true!  Keep dreaming!  🙂

Two beautiful guests: Nephew, Emmanuel & Niece, America


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  1. I’m sooo glad for you!!!! but ……. I want your cupcakes too!!!!

  2. Theresa, I am sooooooooo happy for you that you have become successful with your baking company. You worked very hard and deserve a ton of success. I wish I could taste some of your treats. They look scrumptous. Your move to Austrailia was the best idea, not only did you leave behind NY but also Eppendorf. I am doing great, couldn’t be happier. On June 25th 2011 we welcomed our first grandchild, Jacob Ryan Belkin. We are totally in love with him, he is just beautiful. My email is below if you want to get back to me. By the way I was shocked to read that Joe C left Eppendorf.

    Love and continued success,
    Linda Belkin


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