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The Kelvinator – what’s B W and R?!

Happy Birthday Kelvin!

It was another one of those request to create a great cake for a birthday.  This time is was from my friend Kelvin.  I do a lot of cakes but very seldom for men, so I had some thinking to do.  He wanted a cake that really ‘popped’ and folks went ‘wow’.  Ok!   Out of the blue I thought of black and white and red… and thankfully he agreed.

Kelvin & I

Originally I was going to make the top tier the same height as the bottom tier.   However my Mom suggested it would be more dramatic to have the top tier slightly higher than the bottom.  I went with her suggestion and really like the “top hat” look.  Both tiers were to be fondant however the fondant on the top tier came out horrible so I went with tinting the buttercream black.  Black Buttercream?   It tasted better than I thought.

It is a vanilla cake filled with pineapple filling (see my “recipes” page).  The roses are fresh.  Kelvin went “wow” upon seeing it and he said it definitely “popped”!!  We were both happy!!  🙂






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