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Sponsoring: the Invisible Dog Art show

An email comes my way from a curator asking for a sponsor for her Art Show at the very rustic Brooklyn art gallery, Invisible Dog.  When I read the email I thought my opportunity to sponsor her event was over. I sent a simple email and to my surprise she was still looking for a sponsor!  I was like “sure I’ll do it, the exposure would be good.”  After talking with her I realized there would be about 250 people.  Oh my goodness… what did I get myself into?!  Firstly, I never sponsored an event before.  Secondly, I’ve never prepared anything for 250 people. Something new… again!

I had another Birthday cake the Saturday before the eventso I put this “big deal” event on the back burner and almost wished I hadn’t accepted.  Well I’ve already accepted and now I had to show up with my most gracious and delicious treats.  I didn’t know who my audience would be so I was a little stumped as to what type of menu to create. I had a good talk with Melissa Murphy of the Sweet Melissa Patisserie and she helped me a lot.  She scared me to bits saying that for 250 people I should average about 3 mini desserts per person, ok so the number of what I needed to make has tripled to 750!!  Together we created a menu.

It’s Monday night, I’m leaving work with a menu and the number of 750 blasting in my head.  How on earth will I create 750 desserts in one night?  I go to the wholesalers and buy what I’ll need.  I wanted to start on Monday night but opted to just organize my recipes and ingredients and do everything Tuesday night.

Tuesday night… ok tomorrow I need to be ready with 750 desserts… this is C R A Z Y, yet fun…  Finally I had to opportunity to be very creative with my recipes and do whatever I wanted as it wasn’t an order that someone was paying for.  When it’s an order I attempt doing what they want.  But this was my deal and I could do whatever!!  🙂 I made the last run to the store for some extra things and got home around 10pm.  All my excitement of making about 15 different things went out the window.  I settled for making a large quantity of about 7 different items… Mini cupcakes – Chocolate with Caramel and Chocolate Buttercream.  Mini Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon/Lavender Frosting (my invention!), Mini Caramel Tarts (part of an Australia recipe), Mini Orange/Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Apricot preserves, Gingersnaps filled with an Orange Creme and lastly Petit Fours. Petit Fours come with me everywhere – they are so amazing and they add color to anything that looks too dark.  I had a lot of chocolate which I knew would give me a “dark” table so these Petit Fours were a bright popping orange.

Arrived about an hour before the event started… I was given a table under a bright spot light and it seems that New York Cake Co. wow’d Brooklyn, well the 100+ Brooklynites that showed up.  What I did learn is a lot about Brooklyn and was given some amazing business options.

Thanks Opalnest and Invisible Dog – forever you will be in the history of New York Cake Co.




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