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1980’s Birthday

For Jovita… this year was a “special” birthday and her younger sister, Natalie, was going all out…

They came to New York Cake Co. with pictures and ideas and to the best of my ability their wishes were fulfilled.  It was to be a tower of cupcakes with each cupcake having an image of the 80’s!!  What on earth went on in the 80’s – I had no clue, so thanks to the internet I ‘googled’ and found out… I quickly learned that the Rubics cube, Eddie Murphy, bright neon colors, and big hair do’s were some of the “it” things of the 80’s.  Made up a few of these 80’s images out of edible rice paper for a clean, yet fun look.

The cake of course was my most popular… Red Velvet.  The birthday girls loves purple, went with a purple tinted Cream Cheese Frosting.  The top cake was Red Velvet filled with Cream Cheese Frosting and covered in purple fondant topped with Madonna.

What a pleasure to see this email pop up during their party…

WOW!!! AMAZING CUPCAKES!!!! EVERYONE was blown away! Thank you sooooo
much! Your cupcakes made Jovita’s bday party a hit! Even the staff
liked them and were excited that we gave them some! I will def be
calling you again, Thank you for being gracious and professional! God Bless!”


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  1. How amazing you are 🙂


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