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Black and White… Oh so sweet!!

Black & White III

Black & White is a great fellowship that was started by a group of friends back in 2008.  It’s pretty simple… you must wear black & white!  This year we all went to New Jersey and what an amazing time.

Not too often do I arrive at any event empty-handed.  So for this event with the theme clear I donated some B & W cupcakes… Some were chocolate and some were vanilla, some were covered in fondant and the others covered in buttercream.  Check them out!  What fun this fellowship was and what fun it was to make these little treats.


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  1. Your cakes are absolutely amazing! You can get some cakes that look good but taste terrible. Your cakes melt in your mouth.
    The first cake of yours I ever tried was the red velvet. OMG beautiful.
    Now I buy your cakes all the time.
    I have family coming from LA at Christmas and was wondering if you could make me about 20 Christmasy looking cupcakes for my family get together Christmas eve?
    Michelle 🙂


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