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Sponsoring: the Invisible Dog Art show

An email comes my way from a curator asking for a sponsor for her Art Show at the very rustic Brooklyn art gallery, Invisible Dog.  When I read the email I thought my opportunity to sponsor her event was over. I sent a simple email and to my surprise she was still looking for a sponsor!  I was like “sure I’ll do it, the exposure would be good.”  After talking with her I realized there would be about 250 people.  Oh my goodness… what did I get myself into?!  Firstly, I never sponsored an event before.  Secondly, I’ve never prepared anything for 250 people. Something new… again!

I had another Birthday cake the Saturday before the eventso I put this “big deal” event on the back burner and almost wished I hadn’t accepted.  Well I’ve already accepted and now I had to show up with my most gracious and delicious treats.  I didn’t know who my audience would be so I was a little stumped as to what type of menu to create. I had a good talk with Melissa Murphy of the Sweet Melissa Patisserie and she helped me a lot.  She scared me to bits saying that for 250 people I should average about 3 mini desserts per person, ok so the number of what I needed to make has tripled to 750!!  Together we created a menu.

It’s Monday night, I’m leaving work with a menu and the number of 750 blasting in my head.  How on earth will I create 750 desserts in one night?  I go to the wholesalers and buy what I’ll need.  I wanted to start on Monday night but opted to just organize my recipes and ingredients and do everything Tuesday night.

Tuesday night… ok tomorrow I need to be ready with 750 desserts… this is C R A Z Y, yet fun…  Finally I had to opportunity to be very creative with my recipes and do whatever I wanted as it wasn’t an order that someone was paying for.  When it’s an order I attempt doing what they want.  But this was my deal and I could do whatever!!  🙂 I made the last run to the store for some extra things and got home around 10pm.  All my excitement of making about 15 different things went out the window.  I settled for making a large quantity of about 7 different items… Mini cupcakes – Chocolate with Caramel and Chocolate Buttercream.  Mini Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon/Lavender Frosting (my invention!), Mini Caramel Tarts (part of an Australia recipe), Mini Orange/Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Apricot preserves, Gingersnaps filled with an Orange Creme and lastly Petit Fours. Petit Fours come with me everywhere – they are so amazing and they add color to anything that looks too dark.  I had a lot of chocolate which I knew would give me a “dark” table so these Petit Fours were a bright popping orange.

Arrived about an hour before the event started… I was given a table under a bright spot light and it seems that New York Cake Co. wow’d Brooklyn, well the 100+ Brooklynites that showed up.  What I did learn is a lot about Brooklyn and was given some amazing business options.

Thanks Opalnest and Invisible Dog – forever you will be in the history of New York Cake Co.




1980’s Birthday

For Jovita… this year was a “special” birthday and her younger sister, Natalie, was going all out…

They came to New York Cake Co. with pictures and ideas and to the best of my ability their wishes were fulfilled.  It was to be a tower of cupcakes with each cupcake having an image of the 80’s!!  What on earth went on in the 80’s – I had no clue, so thanks to the internet I ‘googled’ and found out… I quickly learned that the Rubics cube, Eddie Murphy, bright neon colors, and big hair do’s were some of the “it” things of the 80’s.  Made up a few of these 80’s images out of edible rice paper for a clean, yet fun look.

The cake of course was my most popular… Red Velvet.  The birthday girls loves purple, went with a purple tinted Cream Cheese Frosting.  The top cake was Red Velvet filled with Cream Cheese Frosting and covered in purple fondant topped with Madonna.

What a pleasure to see this email pop up during their party…

WOW!!! AMAZING CUPCAKES!!!! EVERYONE was blown away! Thank you sooooo
much! Your cupcakes made Jovita’s bday party a hit! Even the staff
liked them and were excited that we gave them some! I will def be
calling you again, Thank you for being gracious and professional! God Bless!”

Black and White… Oh so sweet!!

Black & White III

Black & White is a great fellowship that was started by a group of friends back in 2008.  It’s pretty simple… you must wear black & white!  This year we all went to New Jersey and what an amazing time.

Not too often do I arrive at any event empty-handed.  So for this event with the theme clear I donated some B & W cupcakes… Some were chocolate and some were vanilla, some were covered in fondant and the others covered in buttercream.  Check them out!  What fun this fellowship was and what fun it was to make these little treats.

Suite 101

A very special thanks to Sarah, an amazing journalist, for writing such a beautiful article about New York Cake Co. on Suite

I met Sarah a few years ago and soon learned her love for writing.  Not only does she love writing but is very well at it…. I read a few of her pieces and I immediately I fell in love with her pieces.  She has a way of captivating the reader.

Thanks Sarah!!

Please find the article below

New York Cake Company

Oct 7, 2010 Sarah McCabe

New York Cake Company - Theresa Francis

New York Cake Company –Theresa Francis
The New York Cake Company is an up-and-coming bakery and cake decorating business located in Valley Stream, New York.

Since the summer of 2009, the New York Cake Company has been creating cakes of all shapes and sizes for its delighted customers.

New York Cake Company: The Beginning

Theresa Francis, the designer, baker, and decorator of every New York Cake Company cake, has been baking since 1992. She first started decorating cakes in 2008.

It was in that year that she began taking professional baking courses at the Culinary Academy in Syosset, NY. As she explained in a September 2010 email interview, Theresa received a flier from the culinary school at just the right moment in her life. The thought of taking some baking classes was certainly appealing, and as she had a bit of spare time on her hands, there was little to stop her.

The New York Cake Company opened up shop in summer of 2009 in Valley Stream, New York. Ever since then, Theresa has been busy with birthdays, engagements, weddings, baby showers, and a host of other special events.

A Challenging Wedding Cake

Creating a beautiful and delicious cake is quite a challenge, especially when the cake is multi-tiered and requires transportation. Theresa’s most challenging cake was one she designed and baked for a wedding.

The full cake had four tiers, with a sixteen-inch bottom tier. At this point in Theresa’s burgeoning career, she had never had to bake and cover a cake so large. Fears of dropping such a large cake plagued her mind as she stared at the giant pans, but the whole baking, decorating, and transporting process “turned out great!” she said.

This most challenging cake also happened to be Theresa’s first wedding cake. With two tiers of vanilla and two of chocolate, cream and clover green coloring, and cascading bouquets of hydrangeas spiraling around the finished product, the cake successfully served 150 people.

Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Cakes

Some clients know Theresa personally, while others hear about her through word-of-mouth, or discover her on the internet. Once they contact her, she holds a consultation with them, either in person or through phone or email. As Theresa explained in her email interview, “Once I learn about the client/event, I can determine whether they are looking for something exotic or classic and clean.”

Soon thereafter, she sends the client a written proposal with a color sketch of the cake. Once the proposal is approved, Theresa begins the baking process. The decorations are made from a mixture of media such as buttercream, fondant, and gum-paste.

The baking and decorating must be done immediately before delivery, except for those creations made from gum-paste, which need time to dry. According to Theresa, she can make gum-paste decorations as far in advance as a couple of weeks.

The Business of Cakes

There was much excitement in April of 2010, when the New York Cake Company was featured on “A Taste of New York” on Time Warner Cable channel 35. With a Facebook group and blog, followed by the website launch in August of 2010, Theresa has made ample use of technology to promote her business.

In addition to running the company, Theresa now teaches baking and decorating classes herself. Having learned from such illustrious bakers and decorators as Toba GarrettNicholas Lodge, and Bronwen Weber, she has decided to share her skills and knowledge with other aspiring bakers. She also posts her perfected recipes on her website.

New York Cake Company Quality

New York Cake Company cakes are all made from scratch, and, though some might consider them too beautiful to eat, the taste and texture are temptations too great to resist. Moist and delicious, Theresa’s cake creations are culinary works of art in more ways than one.

Copyright Sarah McCabe. Contact the author to obtain permission for republication.
  • Challenging Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisChallenging Wedding Cake – Theresa Francis
  • Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisWedding Cake –Theresa Francis
  • Birthday Cake - Theresa FrancisBirthday Cake –Theresa Francis
  • Transporting a Cake - Theresa FrancisTransporting a Cake –Theresa Francis
  • New York Cake Company - Theresa FrancisNew York Cake Company – Theresa Francis
  • Challenging Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisChallenging Wedding Cake – Theresa Francis
  • Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisWedding Cake –Theresa Francis
  • Birthday Cake - Theresa FrancisBirthday Cake –Theresa Francis
  • Transporting a Cake - Theresa FrancisTransporting a Cake –Theresa Francis
  • New York Cake Company - Theresa FrancisNew York Cake Company – Theresa Francis
  • Challenging Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisChallenging Wedding Cake – Theresa Francis
  • Wedding Cake - Theresa FrancisWedding Cake –Theresa Francis
  • Birthday Cake - Theresa FrancisBirthday Cake –Theresa Francis
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