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Wine and Dessert Social


What an amazing pair… Wine & Dessert!

Thanks to Dee Rieber, a Halstead Real Estate Broker, who hosted the 2nd annual Community Wine & Dessert Social.  Last year she hosted her own Birthday party at Pour, a wine shop on 75th Street & Amsterdam in NYC.  That was such a success she committed to doing it every year.  This was her 2nd and hopefully many more to come.  It was my privilege to create the dessert for this special event.

From my experience last year at Pour I knew who my audience (folk eating my desserts!) would be and I knew the type of setting Dee wanted – small two bite desserts that were delicate and delicious.  In a flash the menu was created… Petit Fours, Mini Cupcakes and… Caramel Custard Tarts.  She was all game and gave me a big green light.

Petit Fours I’ve made twice before so I knew what to do, Mini Cupcakes I could probably do in my sleep, but why on earth did I say Caramel Custard Tarts?  I’ve never seen a recipe for such, I’ve never made a Caramel Tart before… Am I going crazy or will I have to create a recipe so I don’t let my client down? (For the balance of the Caramel Tart drama read the blog post).

What an excellent night… Many compliments were thrown my way and the sweets were gone before all the guests got there.  Go ahead… you can drool.. they were delish!!  LOL 🙂

Keep It Sweet,



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