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Butterflies and Buttercream

After a little hiatus I’m back!!  🙂

Why “Butterflies and Buttercream”…. well when you get a request for a teal green cake with butterflies and you canNOT use fondant… this is what you get.  What fun it was creating this cake!

You will find this funny… but this is only the second  cake where I used such a deep color for buttercream.  Normally, I would tint fondant such a strong color but not buttercream.  My first deeply tinted buttercream cake was the Hello Kitty cake (the blog post is called Hello Kitty Kitty).  Coloring fondant is so different than coloring buttercream, because of the fat content in buttercream the color will darken with time.   I added a some color to the buttercream and let it sit for a little then tada… a beautiful teal green!  Butterflies were the theme of the party so I quickly made these of gum paste so the wings will actually stay open for the butterfly’s “just landed” look.

It was good to get back to working with gum paste.  For my next few cake I think I will incorporate gum paste whether they request it or not… it’s such a fun and creative sugar medium.

Keep It Sweet,

Theresa  🙂


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