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NYC Harbor Cruise Wedding

Many Congratulations to Alex Jones & Dr. Bola Ominiyi!!!

Right in the heart of downtown NYC in the old Trinity Church at 3pm  Alex & Dr. Bola tied their knot.  It was a gorgeous day and surprisingly warm for October.  When the ceremony was completed the guest arrived by stretch Hummer limousines to the beautiful North Cove Marina to have a NYC Harbor cruise wedding reception.  North Cove Marina in the stately Battery Park City (also home to the bride) is where Alex & Dr. Bola had their first conversation on July 5th 2010!!  God used me to introduce them and a few months later they were married…. Gorgeous wedding, would never believe they met a little over three months ago.  God’s plans boggle the minds of man!!


July 5th, 2010-their first time to meet - at the North Cove Marina in Battery Park City


while they had their "chat" I enjoyed the scenery

*   *   *   *   *

Fast forward a few months… it’s August 20th and Alex proposes in front of about 40 of their closest friends at Dr. Bola’s classy Battery Park City home.  New York Cake Co. sweetened the night with a Rich Velvety Chocolate Cake filled with Cherries and covered with fondant with a precious little stone!!

August 20th - their Engagement Party - Cake by New York Cake Co.

*    *    *    *    *

A few more days fly by and it’s a beautiful day… October 23rd, 2010.

9:00AM – My day begins and Abraham (my Mini Clubman) is packed with 70 cupcakes for a Bridal Shower, a 4 tier cake for this wedding, and a change of clothes for the wedding reception as I have the privilege of being the MC (Master of Ceremony)!  The cupcake delivery goes well and now it’s noon.   The next delivery would be the wedding cake on the Atlantis at the North Cove Marina around 3:30PM.  I’ve never delivered or set up anything on a moving vessel… so this is a scary first.  “Will is slide off the table and fall over?”  “as the boat rocks with the cake rock to the floor?” were constant thoughts that I just couldn’t get out of my head.

Being that I had so much time from the first cupcake delivery, I arrived around 2pm to ensure I didn’t have to rush.  As expected the yacht wasn’t there yet and a kind security guard allowed me to park where parking wasn’t allowed and wait. The yacht was to arrive at 3:30 so I relaxed.  I waited… and I waited… and 3:30 came and past… Finally I saw this massive ship heading toward the marina with the word “ATLANTIS”.  That’s it!!  It was now 4:00PM and guests were to arrive at 4:30.  Oh no!!!  This is a tight schedule.  By the time they got the boat docked it was about 4:15.  I take the long, long walk from the Marina to where my car is parked and my eyes see a nerve wrecking sight… a long Hummer limo filled with wedding guests!!!   eeeks!!  yikes!!  Oh no!!  The cakes are still in my car I’m dressed as casual and comfortable as possible and the guests are arriving with me.  In my world as a cake creator, the cake is always delivered and set up about an hour before the first guest arrives… well my world was in for a change!


the "Atlantis" - look closely at the top deck & see some of the bridesmaids

Well some of the guests I knew, and they were kind enough to help carry cakes, my decorators kit and my change of clothes… Somehow we got on the boat (made sure the guests waited outside in the beautiful sun) and in about 15 minutes the cake was set up and I breathed a heavy  sigh of relief… Did it really get done in time?  Yes it did!  Thank God!

Quickly I find a place to change clothes and change role.  The next assignment begins… Theresa, the MC!!

What an amazing night…. see below… what more is to be said?!

The wedding Cake - 2 tiers Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream and 2 tiers Rich Velvety Chocolate Cake filled with cherries

with a dark night sky and Lady Liberty as in their background the Atlantis comes to a stop as they cut their cake!

cake creator and MC!! Oh what a night! 🙂


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  1. Theresa, you did a great job as the MC. The cake was delicious. Didn’t get to try to chocolate cake but the vanilla was amazing 🙂

  2. You look sooo gorgeous! wowwwwww !!! and your cakes are amazing! Theresa I feel like saying that I am sooo proud of you and thank God I have the privilege to be one of your clients when I was in NY!!! woww sooo nice! Keep the good work! and get ready for the weddings to come 😀 God bless you. Love, Thais


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