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The Red Carpet Cake

Oh how wonderful it must be to turn 30 and the red carpet is rolled out for you…. Even better when the cake rolls out the red carpet for you!

In October 2009 a lady contacted me for a cake for her husband’s 50th Birthday.  I never met this lady but she saw my work on Facebook.  So after a few emails back and forth we came up with a design to go with the Wine theme of the event.  She mailed the payments, I delivered the cake… and we never met… cyber business in the 21st century!!

Now fast forward almost a year… her sister is planning a party.  She sends me an email with a drawing of the cake that what they want…. a RED CARPET CAKE for a 30th Birthday Bash… I just copied their wonderful drawing!!

Of course with a Red Carpet Cake the only suitable cake flavor would be… Red Velvet!!  And as we always do… fill it with Cream Cheese frosting.  Just on a side note, Red Velvet Cake is the most frequently made cake at New York Cake Co.


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