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We’re live… in cyber world!!

Yet another amazing and very exciting milestone for New York Cake Co.  There is a website now!! This is an accomplishment that I am REALLY happy about.  Finally… we have a live website – yay yay yay!!

I’ve been working on a website for over a year now.  First, I thought for months for a business name. Then it came out of nowhere -NEW YORK CAKE CO. – so simple but it just works.  Now there is a name, I quickly purchased the domain names for the future site.

Originally I was going to create it from scratch (like how I bake, everything from scratch!) through the iweb application from Mac.  But that was becoming too difficult and time consuming so I opted to buy a template.  I searched for months and spoke with business owners that had great sites and they led me to LiveBooks.  I searched for a few more months for the right template then purchased the template and the website service.  Got busy with life and business and forgot about it.  People kept asking “Do you have a site?” and my reply would be “I’m working on it”.  I became embarrassed when the same person would ask months later and my reply remained unchanged.  Slowly I added content and pictures to the template and the site was slowly evolving.  But I thought it was never good enough.

But on August 18th I had enough… knew that a site had to be created immediately as without it business was hindered.  That night I did a quick glance over the site and requested to “GO LIVE”.  It wasn’t perfect but it was good.

THURSDAY AUGUST 19TH –  out of curiosity I put in the browser and TAAAAA DAAAAAAA there I was… live in the world of cyber space!! What a thrill!  What an excitement!  What a great feeling of  accomplishment!!  WOW, was it really that easy all this time?  What I dragged out over a year could have been done in probably an hour!


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