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Creation of Wedding Cake #1

Photos: 16″ vanilla, the other 3 – 12″, 10″, 8″, 10 pounds of fondant ready for tinting cream, Abraham ready to deliver!

So… this is the first wedding cake I’ve created.  In April I made one small cake with 90 cupcakes for a wedding but this is different as it is a tiered wedding cake.

Ok… on to the planning and creating!  Being this was my first time I did a few tiered cakes as practice to ensure proper structure and support – didn’t want the cakes to topple after spending so much time making them. I ordered all my supplies and thought and thought and thought  –  after all my thinking I thought I had everything that I would need. I was so blessed to find some supplies that I thought I didn’t have – less that I had to order.

There were said to be 150 guests and I was determined that they wouldn’t run out of cake so I did a 16″, 12″ 10″ and 8″.  I have never done a 16 or 12″ before and just looking at the pans I was SCARED, they just seemed enormous.  How was I going to handle them and not drop the cakes?!  As we all know.. when you face the mountain or a giant situation in life head-on it shrinks. This is what happened after I baked that mega 16″ cake – the size was no longer intimidating and it seemed to shrink – I was no longer scared.

Flavors: this bride was so easy; I was really blessed.  The 16″ and 10″ were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the 12″ and 8″ were Chocolate with a chocolate/coffee buttercream. Colors: Cream and clover green Decor: hydrangeas.

Everything was finished last night.  Had my tool box of accessories packed up by the door – I was ready!

This morning I got up with zeal – the weather was 74 degrees and absolutely beautiful.  I packed up Abraham (my Cooper clubman) and headed into NYC.  Got to the restaurant, Terrazza Toscana on 50th & 9th Avenue at 9:15 and it was locked.  Ohhhhh nooooo!   Found the door to the kitchen and gave it a knock… someone came and let me in to set up…. Phew…  By 10:00 I was done!!  WOW, a mission accomplished!!  Thanks to GOD!


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