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“Will You Marry Me?” Cake

Many Congratulations to my special friends…  little did I know that on July 5th when I brought my friend (Alex) to another friend’s (Dr. Bola’s) picnic a new romance would begin.

Just a few months later Alex and Dr. Bola are engaged. I’m glad so happy that I am a part of their lives; the creator of the cake for their engagement and also to be the creator of the cake for their wedding.

Chocolate Cake with Cherry Filling.  Covered in fondant.  Ring Box – fondant and gumpaste.

The Red Carpet Cake

Oh how wonderful it must be to turn 30 and the red carpet is rolled out for you…. Even better when the cake rolls out the red carpet for you!

In October 2009 a lady contacted me for a cake for her husband’s 50th Birthday.  I never met this lady but she saw my work on Facebook.  So after a few emails back and forth we came up with a design to go with the Wine theme of the event.  She mailed the payments, I delivered the cake… and we never met… cyber business in the 21st century!!

Now fast forward almost a year… her sister is planning a party.  She sends me an email with a drawing of the cake that what they want…. a RED CARPET CAKE for a 30th Birthday Bash… I just copied their wonderful drawing!!

Of course with a Red Carpet Cake the only suitable cake flavor would be… Red Velvet!!  And as we always do… fill it with Cream Cheese frosting.  Just on a side note, Red Velvet Cake is the most frequently made cake at New York Cake Co.

Wedding Cake #2

Aday after the first wedding cake, Wedding Cake #2 was delivered!!  Keeping on the move!

This was a little more simple than the first.  I love the clean and neat design she chose.

We’re live… in cyber world!!

Yet another amazing and very exciting milestone for New York Cake Co.  There is a website now!! This is an accomplishment that I am REALLY happy about.  Finally… we have a live website – yay yay yay!!

I’ve been working on a website for over a year now.  First, I thought for months for a business name. Then it came out of nowhere -NEW YORK CAKE CO. – so simple but it just works.  Now there is a name, I quickly purchased the domain names for the future site.

Originally I was going to create it from scratch (like how I bake, everything from scratch!) through the iweb application from Mac.  But that was becoming too difficult and time consuming so I opted to buy a template.  I searched for months and spoke with business owners that had great sites and they led me to LiveBooks.  I searched for a few more months for the right template then purchased the template and the website service.  Got busy with life and business and forgot about it.  People kept asking “Do you have a site?” and my reply would be “I’m working on it”.  I became embarrassed when the same person would ask months later and my reply remained unchanged.  Slowly I added content and pictures to the template and the site was slowly evolving.  But I thought it was never good enough.

But on August 18th I had enough… knew that a site had to be created immediately as without it business was hindered.  That night I did a quick glance over the site and requested to “GO LIVE”.  It wasn’t perfect but it was good.

THURSDAY AUGUST 19TH –  out of curiosity I put in the browser and TAAAAA DAAAAAAA there I was… live in the world of cyber space!! What a thrill!  What an excitement!  What a great feeling of  accomplishment!!  WOW, was it really that easy all this time?  What I dragged out over a year could have been done in probably an hour!

Results: Wedding Cake #1


a beautiful message from the bride….

Abby Mens Aidoo “That was my wedding cake. I did not get a chance to thank you very well. It was awesome. I thank God for you and I pray that everything you touch will be a blessing. I will recommend you over and over again to anyone who ask. Thank you I am truely grateful.”


Creation of Wedding Cake #1

Photos: 16″ vanilla, the other 3 – 12″, 10″, 8″, 10 pounds of fondant ready for tinting cream, Abraham ready to deliver!

So… this is the first wedding cake I’ve created.  In April I made one small cake with 90 cupcakes for a wedding but this is different as it is a tiered wedding cake.

Ok… on to the planning and creating!  Being this was my first time I did a few tiered cakes as practice to ensure proper structure and support – didn’t want the cakes to topple after spending so much time making them. I ordered all my supplies and thought and thought and thought  –  after all my thinking I thought I had everything that I would need. I was so blessed to find some supplies that I thought I didn’t have – less that I had to order.

There were said to be 150 guests and I was determined that they wouldn’t run out of cake so I did a 16″, 12″ 10″ and 8″.  I have never done a 16 or 12″ before and just looking at the pans I was SCARED, they just seemed enormous.  How was I going to handle them and not drop the cakes?!  As we all know.. when you face the mountain or a giant situation in life head-on it shrinks. This is what happened after I baked that mega 16″ cake – the size was no longer intimidating and it seemed to shrink – I was no longer scared.

Flavors: this bride was so easy; I was really blessed.  The 16″ and 10″ were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the 12″ and 8″ were Chocolate with a chocolate/coffee buttercream. Colors: Cream and clover green Decor: hydrangeas.

Everything was finished last night.  Had my tool box of accessories packed up by the door – I was ready!

This morning I got up with zeal – the weather was 74 degrees and absolutely beautiful.  I packed up Abraham (my Cooper clubman) and headed into NYC.  Got to the restaurant, Terrazza Toscana on 50th & 9th Avenue at 9:15 and it was locked.  Ohhhhh nooooo!   Found the door to the kitchen and gave it a knock… someone came and let me in to set up…. Phew…  By 10:00 I was done!!  WOW, a mission accomplished!!  Thanks to GOD!

Steak & Cake?!

Five days a week dedicated men and women feed the homeless of New York City  under the name of Raven’s ministry, a part of  Times Square Church (the square is the church’s logo).  Today they had a day of enjoyment and relaxation in Bear Mountain and for that occasion this cake was created.

This is a vanilla cake with pineapple filling (see recipe under RECIPES page).  The plate of food (carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, & steak) signifies what they do…feed!  As for the verse, it immediately came to mind when they placed the order.

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