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Satiny Smooth Chocolate Glaze

a Martha Stewart Demo

my attempt

I always love the look of the cake that is so smooth, perfectly covered with a satiny Chocolate Glaze.  It’s so shiny it’s like a mirror!!

A few years ago I attempted it and what a disaster!  Though it was a disaster, I would browse at fine bakeries and see that satin glaze and I kept saying to myself  “one of these days I’m going to do that glaze and the cake will be just perfect” Ha ha ha!!  Today was that day…

I like to learn from the best, so I pulled out a book by Francois Payard (keep reading this blog and you are soon to learn a lot about Chef Payard) and sure enough on Page 36 he had a Chocolate Glaze recipe.  “Ok… Ok… I’m going to do it and it is going to come out just perfect“.  I frosted and filled the velvety Chocolate cake with Chocolate/Coffee Buttercream then to the freezer it went.  I let it sit in the freezer for about 2 hours… Now the fun begins.

I made the glaze and did a test on the cake.  It came out alright.  I…think…I’m ready.  I began pouring and it looked so beautiful.  Then it didn’t flow down the cake like it should have so I smoothened it out a bit, then spatula marks were all over it and it wasn’t that perfectly smooth.  Well…. a challenge well taken… the results were not perfect but pretty close.  What I learned… the glaze needs to be a little warmer so it will flow when it hits that freezing cold cake.  Will I do it again… of course… in a heartbeat!!



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