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Happy 1st Birthday to New York Cake Co.

About a year ago…  I remember thinking and thinking… “what should I name this thing?”  I didn’t really see it as a company or a business.  It was just a “thing” that I was doing because I liked to bake and try new recipes.  And I wanted people to know that I did this “thing” and they needed to buy what I made.  I had already been through two Professional Baking courses and just started to think… well, maybe this could be a more than a “thing”.                                                                                                              CAKES GALORE… this was the original name.  I needed business cards in 2008 sometime and I couldn’t think of a better name.  But quickly I realized that Cakes Galore was not the name that I would keep.  It just didn’t flow.                                                                NEW YORK CAKE COMPANY… this will be the name I thought.  Again, I wasn’t too sure.  It was just too original, too simple, but I wanted to start a group on Facebook and I didn’t want to use Cakes Galore so I used New York Cake Co.  Though it is so simple it has received so many compliments and praises for being a great name… So it will stay!!  It was at that moment that NEW YORK CAKE COMPANY, a business, was born!!!

Last year with the new name a Facebook group was created and that was just such a major milestone to me.  WOW!!  Then people actually became members began looking at what I was made.  It was like I opened the window to a whole new world, people had no clue what really went on in my kitchen.  Then later on a Facebook page came about.  A face for the name was created, the logo!! More recently this blog was started.  All along the way the cakes have changed from freebies at the office to birthdays, now weddings!!

Today, June 3, 2010 New York Cake Company also became a registered business!!!  Now, this is really a great milestone!!!



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