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the “Love” Fellowship

Arthur Tsao, a dear friend and a great photographer hosted his first LOVE fellowship.  On the beautiful Saturday of May 1st many of his friends gathered at his lovely apartment in NYC.  It was an honor to be one of the guests.  There we discussed God’s love for us and how we must love one another.

When I was first invited to this fellowship, and I heard that it was called the LOVE fellowship, the first scripture that came to mind was John 3:16. “for God so LOVED the world, that HE gave HIS only son and whoever believes on HIM would have eternal life.”  It wouldn’t leave my mind so I had to write it on the cake.  The crown is our reward when we get to heaven (James 1:12).

It’s Red Velvet and Chocolate layered cake covered with fondant, filled with Vanilla Buttercream.  “Bible” is carved from a 6″ Red Velvet Cake covered with fondant.


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  1. I “LOVE” how you’ve used your impressive talents to honor God! It’s always a testimony and a ministry when we give back some of the love God has freely given to us!

    God Bless, Bless God! and pass the cake!


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