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Lesego’s Wedding

The big day has finally come – the FIRST wedding project for New York Cake Co. which happened on my Birthday of all days of the year April 1st 2010.  So there is a lot of joy stirring in me.  Another year of life and another milestone for the company.

I’ve been working really hard for this event from earlier in the week.  The two large roses are gumpaste and because there are so many petals layered I started on Monday so there would be drying time before attaching the next set of petals.  The two large roses to the side are to go with her dress as her dress also had a large flower to the side.  Her absolute favorite cake seems to be red velvet (along with many others – Red Velvet is such a fav these days!)  So the cake on top cake was a 6″ round Red Velvet.  This cake was just for the purpose of the couple to cut.

The guests had cupcakes – she wanted the look of dark and light alternating so we settled on a vanilla cupcake  for the light look and of course Red Velvet for the dark look.  50 Red Velvet and 40 White cupcakes was the final order.

My best part was the monogram “H” made of gumpaste on each cupcake.  I LOVE customizing  – each individual cake reminds you of the couple.  Their last name is Holzapfel so I went with the “H” rather than the initials of their first names, the uniformity looked a lot neater with the one letter instead of two.

Marriage was Lesego’s gift and doing the first wedding was my Birthday gift.  It was sweet!


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