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TV Photo Shoot

It’s Monday, March 15th… the day has come!!  For some reason I’ve been intimidated by it.   The Photo Shoot for the TV show happens today.  The show will aire in April on Taste of New York, which shows on Time Warner Cable Channel 35 at 7pm on Wednesdays.  My first showing will be April 7th!!

I wake up with a head cold feeling oh so under the weather, which was rainy and cold.  Just seeing the weather dampened the idea of the shoot being done outdoors.  I am such a lover of the Sun and a little upset that the shoot couldn’t be done outdoors…  After making cupcakes that morning (not a good idea, too much rushing)  and covering them with liquid fondant and postponing the appointment by an hour… I pack 5 styrofoam beautifully decorated “cakes” and 23 cupcakes into the back of my Mini Clubman.  It looks so funny, I have to laugh to my self!!  People must have wondered what on earth is this girl doing!!  LOL

But when you have Wendy G. Johnson from Wendy G Photography as the photographer, either inside or outside you know the photos will be AMAZING. Wendy has such a special charm about her that immediately makes the most tense person totally calm in… seconds!!  I love her!  Wendy & I had a sweet walk and talk as we picked up some more fresh flowers, lunch, candles and an amazing “cake pedestal” from the 99¢ store to accent the cakes… The flowers we found were absolutely beautiful and complimented the cakes wonderfully!!

My cakes were rather classic and elegant with simple decorations so I was happy to connect with Lynn Jawitz of Florisan.  Lynn left some arrangements that were just perfect!!

After a few hours of talking and shooting the shoot was over…. Why was I so intimidated by it?… It was so much fun… and yes I would do it all over again.

New York Cake Co. will see you Wednesday April 7th at 7pm on Cable Chan. 35!!!

Cheers to yet another new beginning!!

The Mini Clubman packed with fake cakes!!


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  1. Ha Ha! So funny! It was a cool, interesting day. Rain or shine, we work, right? God is good. I’m looking forward to seeing the show.
    wendy g


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