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Cupcake Creation

Finally it’s come  – the Cupcake Class!!  It’s Saturday February 27th and it’s so beautiful outside!  The sun is shining and melting all that snow!  Yay!

The students arrive and we’ve both ready.  They are ready to learn and I’m ready to share what I know.

They are eager to learn how to bake, as they mostly use cake mixes.  Originally I wanted to bake Chocolate Cake and White Cake.  Teach them about buttercream and fondant decorations.  But because they had to leave earlier than expected, we had time for one recipe, of course we chose Chocolate Cake and buttercream.  I thought about teaching them how to make the Chocolate Cake that I learned in culinary school, but the recipe yields so much we would be making cupcakes for days.  So I found a recipe that seemed to be good from Hersey’s website called Really Chocolate Chocolate Cake.   I like trying new recipes because I always learn something new.  This recipe was really great!  #1 the flavor was so strong but not overpowering,  #2 the cake rose so nicely and gave perfect cupcake crowns and  #3 it was so moist.  A total hit recipe that I will use over and over.  Even better it was easy so the beginners could follow without any problems.

I normally use a Simple Buttercream recipe from my textbook, which I really don’t like. I’ve been looking for a new buttercream recipe that was perfect – fluffy, flavorful and simple.  Well, it seems that it has been found in the Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book – called Fluffy Vanilla Frosting.  It is so fluffy, but not too light, so flavorful and so easy (only 3 ingredients).

The results were great – a delicious and moist chocolate cake with a fluffy colorful frosting.


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  1. It must have been a good class.the pic looks good


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